Clear Whiteboard Paint


Keep the original colour of your wall and turn any flat surface into a writing canvas with ESCREO Transparent Whiteboard paint.

  • Keep the original colour of your surface
  • 10-year warranty
  • 1-day application; Write in just 3 days
  • Full paint application toolbox included
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Quality writing accessories available
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The price includes paint for 2 full coats and all the installation tools you need.

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Installation It's easier than you think

  • Installation time is approximately 2 hours;
  • No primer needed;
  • Apply 2 coats;
  • Write in just 3 days after the application;
  • Detailed instructions are included in the box;
  • Open the instructions on PDF

What's in the box Find out what you receive with your order

  1. Installation guide;
  2. ESCREO clear whiteboard paint for 2 coats;
  3. ESCREO whiteboard hardener for 2 coats;
  4. Paint opener and paint mixer;
  5. Eco-friendly foldable paint tray;
  6. Paint roller;
  7. Paintbrush;
  8. Masking tape;
  9. Protective plastic sheet;
  10. Gloves;
  11. Sanding block;

Surfaces Discover the surfaces you can apply Escreo paint on

You can install ESCREO paint on any type of surface such as: Wood, Metal, Walls, Glass, Latex, Masonite.

Customise your doors, desks, columns, countertops, cabinets and more. Use a primer if you will be applying the paint on anything other than interior paint. If you have any questions in regards to a particular surface area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Measurements Learn how to easily measure your walls

To measure your whiteboard area, use a metric tape measure or a meter stick and:

  • Measure the height of the area;
  • Measure the width of the area;
  • Multiply the two numbers to get the exact measures of your whiteboard area.

For example, if the width is 2m and the height is 1m, you will end up needing paint for 2 sq.m of surface (2m * 1m = 2 sq.m).

Accessories Find out why it’s important to use ESCREOaccessories

  • Consider purchasing ESCREO accessories for the best writing experience.
  • Our writing tools are not only comfortable to use but also gentle to the surface of the whiteboard, increasing its longevity even further.
  • With the variety of sets available, you won’t be missing anything.

Quantity discounts Save with ESCREO up to 25%

  • Save 16% when buying 100-275 sq.ft of ESCREO paint (or $6.05 per 10 sq.m)
  • Save 25% when buying 300+ sq.ft of ESCREO paint (or $10.00 per 10 sq.m)

Free Delivery Learn how quickly your order will arrive

  • Free delivery on all whiteboard paints – you save an average of $50 for delivery;
  • Delivery in 1-3 business days;
  • You get a tracking number to track your order;
  • Fast customer support to answer all your questions.


Excellent product and service. All necessary equipment included in the package and delivery is fast. A few months after application I had a query with the whiteboard surface. Elena was very helpful resolving the issue. I would highly recommend Escreo.

Mark Corrigan

The results and the process for application is exactly as described by Escreo. Customer service is second to none with the team responding quickly but more importantly, the team is helpful and nothing seems too much trouble. I work with a large corporate and will certainly be recommending them. I purchased the Magnetic and Escreo paint for my daughters bedroom (5m. squared) and she is very happy and excited to use it...

Nick Lindsay

I can't speak highly enough about the customer care this company has - after some confusion on my part the team at Escreo provided me with what I can only say has been the best customer care experience I've ever had. I am delighted with the product and it's ease of use - it has truly transformed my training room. I can't wait to use it again in another two areas I have plans for. Thank you again E

Tina Newman

- Easy to apply - Easy to maintain - Great service - Prompt delivery - Looks much better than a cumbersome whiteboard*Just wait for 3 days before writing on it otherwise it doesn't come off :)

Metkel Yohannes

Great product and rapid delivery. You couldn't ask for better service or product. They have thought of everything, you get it all in one box ready to go. They even supply a paint tin opener. Love it.

Jay H

As a hub for creative people that generate new ideas and businesses, we found it very important to have physical spaces @1Hub where our coworkers can express themselves. We chose Еscreo dry-erase paint instead of whiteboard because it gives us the freedom to follow the forms and colors of our own brand! Now I witness how the walls provoke people to think and to express their ideas freely!

Mihaela Savova

Escreo did an amazing job by providing us their innovative solution for our walls and at the same time, giving us the freedom to follow the forms and colors of our own brand!

Mihaela Savova

Great product, very rapid delivery and extremely easy to do business with throughout. The product is easy to apply, comes with all that you need to mix and paint it on. The team are very supportive and go out of their way to ensure that you have what you need, and have been impressively responsive.

Carl Meewezen

The Escreo walls help up communicate, systemize our ideas and create more CHAOS!

Apostol Apostolov

Escreo turns an ordinary wall into a place for sharing ideas, plans, and inspiration. Writing, drawing, and sometimes just scribbling on the walls helps us be more creative and efficient, and have fun during the working process. It contributes greatly to creating the atmosphere that supports new ideas.

Bilyana Dimitrova

Escreo helped us achieve modern, innovative and welcoming workplace. We are very happy.

Nikolay Ligov

Escreo is a fantastic product. The results and the process for application is exactly as described by Escreo. Customer service is second to none with the team responding quickly but more importantly, the team is helpful and nothing seems too much trouble. I work with a large corporate and will certainly be recommending them.

Nick Lindsay

With Escreo you have the freedom to write on the wall. It feels like constantly making troubles - actions that challenge the rules but have no consequences. Because it is extremely illogical and a little immature behavior it stimulates creativity. In Pr2 we work with words and we always have countless of them often unrelated to each other on the wall. Our guests unravel the relationship between them. Fun and effective. That is why we love it!

Pepi Dimitrova

We wanted to enhance the energetic and creative vibe in Puzl Coworking. Thanks to Escreo we were able to re-invent the design of wall in one of our meeting rooms. Now we are colourful and in the same time we increased the team collaboration with a great design twist.

Petya Lipeva

Our workshops are vivid and memorable, because of the walls you can write on! Thank you Escreo!

Andreea Baciu

Escreo team is fresh, cool and very energetic. At SAP we are using their wall every day, and it took just a few hours to create it. Couldn't everything be done so smart?

Alexander Nestorov

The freedom to write an draw on the walls without restrictions of the classical whiteboards. The colour diversity of the wall breaks the boredom of the traditional white wall office. Ease of use and maintenance.

Mike Prunscu

They are smart and creative folks and its great to see their imagination becoming a reality on this lively wall, that Escreo helped us put in place.

Ioana Sava

Write it on the wall – one of the coolest ways to get your presentations and team-interactions to another level. Escreo inspired us to break the communication limits in the office and act “outside the box” when it comes to expressing and sharing our ideas. Extraordinary people with extraordinary thinking! Great team of professionals who you can trust undoubtedly.

Simona Stoyanova


How long will my ESCREO surface last?

ESCREO comes with a full no-matter-what 1-year warranty, assuring that the paint will keep its original appearance and functionality. Proper maintenance such as routine cleaning and use of appropriate markers can extend the life of your dry-erase surfaces to over 3 years. See the Maintenance sheet here.

Do I need any special writing accesroies to use ESCREO?

No, standard whiteboard accessories will do just fine too. However, for optimal performance, we recommend our markers and cleaning products as they are perfectly suited for the ESCREO paints and finishes. See packages here.

If I have to paint on two layers, do I need to buy double the amount of paint?

No, the amount of paint you order is enough to cover your desired space on 2 layers. It is very important to follow the instructions to ensure the functionality and longevity of your surface. Do not dilute or mix the paint with any other products. Visit installation page here.