We think our high quality whiteboard paint, magnetic paint and clear whiteboard paint are the best choice when you want to create your writable walls. 

But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers & partners are saying about our products and service. 

ESCREO Whiteboard Paint Review – Upnetix

ESCREO Whiteboard Paint Review – Uniqa

What is the best whiteboard paint for you?

You can transform any flat surface into a space for innovation and creativity. Then, quickly wash off and allow your wall to blend back into the background. As you will see, it is so easy to choose the whiteboard paint that will best suit your needs:

  • You love how traditional whiteboards look because you can write on a white background even if all of your other walls are dark, colourful or abstract? Then our original white whiteboard dry erase paint is the best whiteboard paint for you!
  • You are into uniform designs, you prefer to have your whiteboard blended with your surroundings or you want to keep that trendy wall design while making all of your walls writable? Then, your dream whiteboard paint is clear whiteboard paint
  • You want more than just writing on the walls? You want to add pictures, leaflets, invoices, contact cards and whatever else comes to your mind to your wall? Then, the perfect whiteboard paint for you is our magnetic whiteboard paint!
  • You enjoy do-it-yourself activities, you love exploring new options for your home and you prefer to create your own environment yourself? ESCREO developed a transparent DIY-friendly whiteboard paint with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This is the right time to apply your DIY skills to your walls with Home Works DIY Whiteboard Paint.

What people are saying about us

We ran into some issues with the first installation and a dropped spray bottle. I must say I've been well impressed with their customer service! Replaced the dropped spray bottle and send us more paint to stick another set of coats onto our white board so it wasn't so hard to get the writing off. Would definitely recommend them. Outstanding customer service.


Nothing but an excellent experience from using this paint. While waiting for my paint to arrive I asked some questions to customer support which were answered quickly and in good detail. This made me feel confident about the wall I would be painting and the clear steps I would need to follow to achieve the desired result. After a few days the paint arrived and I got to painting the wall. I had ordered 9 square meters worth of the white board paint and it took me just a few hours to apply the two coats required. The paint had very good coverage and was easy to apply. After then waiting the required time for the paint to dry it has been used everyday extensively for the last couple of weeks with no issues what so ever. The people that are using it are really happy and absolutely love it! Would definitely purchase again and use in my own house, fantastic company!

Samuel Ferguson

I haven’t received my paint yet as only ordered yesterday but wanted to leave a comment regarding customer service. I messed up my order, ordered/ paid twice and the help I received when I went on live chat was excellent. All sorted within mins, email received to confirm same. Thank you! Can’t wait to get my paint now.


Here at Woodhouse Workspace, we are being asked to provide writable walls as part of our D&B commercial office fit-out projects more and more regularly. I have used Escreo products on my last few project and found them to be a very friendly and proactive supplier with customer care high on their priority and feedback on their product from both our contractor and client has been excellent, i wouldn't hesitate in using their services again.

Greg Rumbles

Bought this to paint a office wall for a client. After a lot of research decided on Escreo. Firstly let me say there customer service is brilliant. Very helpful. Secondly the product goes on well, and works. I ruined some paint dure to painting late at night (office closed) and Escreo sorted me out with a replacement in no time. I will definitely be using them again, and I am already telling my clients about there product. I also used it in a toilet under a hand dryer to protect the wall. Now the wall is wipe clean! brilliant! Few points to note if you use this product. Please do not let below put you off, It is just a guide to advise you not to make the same mistake I did. 1, ONLY mix what you need for each coat. 2,DO NOT mix the whole lot for 2 coats at the same time as due to it being a 2 part paint it goes off before yo need to apply the second coat. 3, Between coats WASH your roller and brush or make sure you have a second one, even wrapping in plastic will not hold back the curing process. Don't worry when the paint turns up if you think it's not enough. IT will be. It sets like a film the goes over the wall. Recommended 100%

Leon Foster

Excellent product and service. All necessary equipment included in the package and delivery is fast. A few months after application I had a query with the whiteboard surface. Elena was very helpful resolving the issue. I would highly recommend Escreo.

Mark Corrigan

I can't speak highly enough about the customer care this company has - after some confusion on my part the team at Escreo provided me with what I can only say has been the best customer care experience I've ever had. I am delighted with the product and it's ease of use - it has truly transformed my training room. I can't wait to use it again in another two areas I have plans for. Thank you again Escreo and especially Elena who couldn't have done enough to help me.

Tina Newman