Unleash your creativity - attach notes and papers directly to the wall thanks to ESCREO Magnetic Paint.

  • Multi-Purpose interior primer
  • Ideal for new construction as well as existing spaces.
  • Strong adhesion to a wide range of surfaces
  • High hiding
  • Easy application, anti-spatter
  • Fast drying
  • No sanding required after application
Escreo Primer
incl. VAT: £23.88

The price includes ESCREO Primer

incl. VAT: £23.88


How long will my ESCREO surface last?

ESCREO comes with a full ‘no-matter-what’ one-year warranty, assuring that the paint will keep its original appearance and functionality. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your magnetic walls to over 5 years.

Do I need any special accessories to use ESCREO?

No, standard magnets will do just fine too. However, for optimal performance we recommend our neodymium magnets as they are perfectly suited for the ESCREO products.

If I have to paint on two layers, do I need to buy double the amount of paint?

No, the amount of paint you order is enough to cover your desired space on two layers. It is very important to follow the instructions to ensure the functionality and longevity of your surface. Do not dilute or mix the paint with any other products.