Is whiteboard paint better than a regular whiteboard?

We think so. Whiteboard paints adapt to your space, giving you the freedom to create and exchange ideas without limitation. 

You can turn walls, columns, doors, tables and other surfaces into innovative spaces for writing, drawing, planning and more. 

We’ve seen customers use our dry erase paint for:

  • Team meetings
  • Interactive screen projections
  • Lectures and classrooms
  • Menu planning
  • Gym workouts
  • Children’s activities
  • And more. 

Do I need special accessories to write, erase and maintain ESCREO surfaces?

You can use regular whiteboard accessories and pens on ESCREO dry erase paints, or you can use our specially formulated whiteboard accessories

ESCREO whiteboard accessories are designed to enhance the use and life of ESCREO clear, white and magnetic dry erase paints, with formulations that protect the paint while aiding use.

Is whiteboard paint safe?

Our dry erase paint is completely safe when used following our application instructions and general health and safety measures. 

We follow the latest paint manufacturing techniques to produce paint that is water-based and contains very low VOC (Volatile organic compounds). This makes ESCREO the perfect choice whiteboard paint for any space that needs creativity unleashed.

Can I use magnetics on ESCREO whiteboard paints?

Yes, our Magnito paint is a magnetic whiteboard paint that you can attach notes, photos and drawings to using neodymium magnets. 

Magnetic whiteboard paint brings a whole new level of creativity and productivity to your space.

How long will my ESCREO surface last?

All ESCREO paints come with a 1-year ‘no matter what’ warranty, covering the look and functionality of your paint, and a 10-year limited warranty.

By regularly cleaning your dry erase surfaces and using suitable whiteboard accessories and pens, you can preserve the initial look and functionality for many years and uses. 

Learn more about whiteboard maintenance.

Where is your whiteboard paint manufactured?

We manufacture our white, clear and magnetic dry erase paints in our production base, in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria. 

How can I become an ESCREO partner?

If you want to become an ESCREO partner, get in touch.

Can I remove ESCREO whiteboard paint?

You can remove ESCREO whiteboard paint by painting over it. 

Simply apply 1-2 coats of primer before covering with latex paint. 

Why choose ESCREO?

At ESCREO, we’ve worked hard to develop the best quality whiteboard paint, magnetic paint and clear whiteboard paint for everyday use. 

We want to make innovation easy, so all of our paints are simple to apply, smooth to work on, easy to clean and hard-wearing. 

Not only that, but every ESCREO order comes complete with the tools you need for application and the customer service you deserve to answer any queries. 

It’s why some of the world’s best-known brands use ESCREO, and it’s why our customers return with outstanding reviews. 

Does ESCREO whiteboard paint come in different colours?

Our whiteboard paint comes in white or whatever colour you choose, using our clear whiteboard paint. 

ESCREO clear whiteboard paint is a transparent dry erase paint that turns surfaces into a dry erase whiteboard while retaining the original surface colour – great for funky offices and colourful rooms.

Where can I buy ESCREO whiteboard paint?

You can buy ESCREO paint directly from our online shop or by calling +44(0)20 3807 4060

When will my delivery arrive?

We aim to deliver orders within 1-3 days, depending on the colour and amount of paint ordered.

Can I apply ESCREO whiteboard and magnetic paints myself?

Yes, you can! ESCREO paints are designed to be applied by you, so we include everything you need to do so. Take a look at our application videos to see how easy it is.

How long does white and clear whiteboard paint take to apply?

It takes approximately two hours to paint a standard 3 sq. m surface.

Do you offer an ESCREO application service?

While ESCREO whiteboard and magnetic whiteboard paints are easy to apply yourself, if you’d prefer to use a professional, we can recommend trusted service providers. Contact us for details.

My surface is a different colour to the whiteboard paint - do I need a primer?

We recommend using a white primer when painting our white whiteboard paint over paint that is a much darker color. 

Alternatively, you can use white latex paint instead of primer. 

If you’re using our clear whiteboard paint, you can paint directly over whatever colour you choose.

How much paint do I need?

To calculate how much whiteboard paint you need, use a tape measure or meter stick to measure the height and width of the area you want covering and then multiply the two measurements:

Height x width = coverage

For example, if your wall is 1m high and 2m wide, you need 2 sq.m of whiteboard paint (1m x 2m = 2m²)

Do I need to apply primer before whiteboard paint?

Our paints don’t require a primer before application, as long as you’re painting straight onto an interior paint wall. If you’re not, then we recommend using a suitable primer for the surface. 

How do I apply ESCREO whiteboard paint?

Your ESCREO order comes with step-by-step application instructions, along with all the tools needed. 

Or, you can view our application videos here.

What surfaces can I apply whiteboard paint to?

You can use whiteboard paint on any flat surface, including wood, metal, walls, glass, latex and masonite. 

If you’re painting on anything other than interior paint, just use a primer first.

How quickly can I write on my new whiteboard wall?

Your whiteboard wall is ready to use 3-days after the final application. 

We also recommend waiting at least 1-hour before writing after using the ESCREO cleaning spray.

How do I clear dry erase paint?

You can use a soft foam sponge or a microfibre cloth to wipe your whiteboard surface clear. 

For a deeper clean, use the ESCREO cleaning spray once a month to make it shine like new. 

View our whiteboard accessories for more information.  

Can I leave paint in the can to continue painting the next day?

After mixing the whiteboard paint and whiteboard hardener you must use the mixture within two hours. 

During this time you can replace the lid to pause painting, however, you should not leave the mixture for longer than two hours.