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8 Office Gadgets That’ll Boost Productivity


Part of the process of scaling your business is boosting productivity by investing in quality technology and office equipment. This article gathers eight of the best business gadgets on the market that will improve your office workflow and make your office smarter, greener and better than ever.

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1. Bttn

This tiny gadget can entirely change your office workflow with a single touch. Bttn is a small device that acts as a shortcut to products, services, and workflows. It can be set to trigger the competition of various tasks, including ordering a call-back from marketing, booking a meeting room, setting timesheets, and reordering supplies, among many others. This stand-alone device comes won’t add any unnecessary cables to your desk. It also comes with a wide range of integration tools to choose from.


2. BrightLink Pro Interactive Displays

The Bright Link Pro platforms are Epson’s latest interactive office innovation. It boosts productivity by pushing office collaboration beyond the boundaries of physical spaces. While it uses digital technology to aid communication between departments it also slightly differs from mainstream collaboration tools. What makes Epson’s interactive displays unique is their ability to turn office spaces into a projected digital whiteboard and video conferencing display in one.


3. Dynamic Glass Windows

How many times per day do your employees get out of their way to set the blinds or change the settings of the air conditioner? If we try to do the maths, it turns out you could use up to 30 minutes of production per team of 20 employees. In rough weather conditions, this may add up to 10 hours of lost productivity time per month. This is where the dynamic glass windows steps in. The technology behind this innovative system allows features like remote control and pre-made settings to save time. The system tracks variables like sun height, cloudiness, light angle, and time of the day to create just the right microclimate in the office to boost productivity. Besides being incredibly convenient, it also saves energy by cutting costs on heating and cooling with mainstream air conditioning.


4. AirBar

Providing your employees with the best office tech solutions is one way to boost productivity but it can be also pretty harsh on your business finances. Fortunately, AirBar can make thing easier for you. Just plug it into any regular laptop and it will turn it into a touchscreen. Yes, this technology is already available on the market. Once plugged in, you can use anything from a digital pen to a popsicle stick to interact with your screen. AirBar is compatible with the latest versions of both Windows and Mac. It is a great way to turn your regular office tech into interactive touch devices.


5. Alexa For Business

Alexa for Business is Amazon’s answer to domestic robots like CLOi and Anki Home. While Amazon has already released a simplified robot for the home, this time it has gone to a higher level. A business-grade robot aimed to make your office as smart as your home. Reserving a meeting room and handling conference call can now be done by simply ordering this tiny device to do the work for you.


6. Doxie Q Document Scanner

Ready to go paperless but not sure how to start? This portable automatic scanner brings mobility to a higher level. It allows you to scan anywhere without the need to plug it into a computer. Doxie Q has a rechargeable battery and a collapsible automatic document feeder, internal memory, Wi-Fi and is ready to go for Mac, PC, and iOS. The device scans with an extreme quality of up to 600 dpi. It makes saving business cards, contracts receipts and photos easy as snapping a photo with the sole difference that it is a business-grade device that takes quality scanning and office usability seriously.

ESCREO whiteboard paint

7. ESCREO’s Eco Whiteboard Paint

Forget about mountable plastic whiteboards and magnetic boards. If you’re serious about increasing productivity and encouraging idea generation you should opt for a better solution – one that goes easy on nature takes idea generation out of the boundaries of a simple board. What ESCREO does to satisfy the needs of modern green-opted businesses is reimagine walls as an interactive solution for live collaboration. Unlike digital interactive boards, ESCREO’s whiteboard paint is completely eco-friendly. It pushes people out of the comfort of their digital devices and encourages them to interact and create right here and now. This whiteboard paint turns virtually any surface into a whiteboard and even has the option of adding a magnetic surface and even comes special recyclable markers.

computer desk organizer

8. Cyanics Desk Organizer

Bring that clutter to an end and start anew with the Cyanics desk organizer. This functionality-packed organizer comes with its very own set of USB ports along with ports for all types of SD cards available on the market. The desk organizer will help employees keep their desks tiny by offering plenty of space, extra space for mobile devices and lots more.