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ESCREO expands the team with a few key hires

The saying goes “The only constant in life is change” so with the beginning of the new year we would like to give you an update and overview of the recent changes and additions to the ESCREO team that happened in the last weeks of 2020.

Elena Nikolova, one of the ESCREO Co-Founders, will advance to the newly established role of an ESCREO Ambassador. In her new role Elena will focus on promoting the ESCREO brand and the company’s vision of the office of the future while allowing her to pursue new endeavors in the field of entrepreneurship. She will stay close to the company and its team, and will play a key role in supporting the smooth onboarding of the new team members. 

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During her time as a CMO Elena built up the brand recognition of ESCREO as a market leader and established the novel category of innovative paint products for the Bulgarian and Romanian markets. In addition, she was an active partner in the Bulgarian start-up ecosystem which also got her selected to the prestigious #30under30 awards by Forbes. In addition, Elena played a crucial role in securing the latest investment for ESCREO from the Eleven Capital and 3P1 funds.

With the advancement of Elena to an ESCREO Ambassador three additional team members joined the ESCREO team to pursue ESCREO’s mission of becoming a player in the office of the future:

Pavel Valkanov will take over the role of Chief Marketing Officer

Pavel Valkanov

Pavel is based in London, UK and brings 10 years of digital marketing experience in both B2B and B2C sectors. In his previous position at Underwaterpistol, an agency specialising in ecommerce services, Pavel drove digital marketing strategy and execution for numerous ecommerce businesses.

Rebecca Zistel will be leading the development of the DACH market

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She is a communication specialist with over 12 years of professional hands-on experience which she gained working across China, Singapore, Germany and Bulgaria. Highlights from her previous roles include heading corporate communications for Bosch across the whole Southeast Asia region as well as leading the Creative team of Smule in Bulgaria, a music app with around 40 million users worldwide.

Ivaylo Ilieve takes over the Amazon channel

Ivaylo Iliev

Ivaylo Iliev will focus on building up ESCREO’s presence on Amazon in the UK as well as establishing Amazon as a platform for ESCREO to enter new markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden. He has more than 10 years’ experience in e-commerce, and during the last 4 years has managed numerous Amazon stores in 9 marketplaces worldwide. He has developed and launched over 1000 products in different niches and markets, establishing them as leaders in their categories on the platform.

The added experts to the ESCREO team will ensure to not only position ESCREO as a driving force in the office of the future, but also successfully launch and market two new product categories. With acoustic desk dividers the first new category of acoustic products already has its first available item ready to be sold. For ESCREO’s second new category of air quality products a paint that cleans the air will be launched in the upcoming weeks.

We wish Elena only the very best for her new endeavours and journey and the newly added team members lots of success and fulfillment with their new roles.