the best Christmas ever with ESCREO whiteboard paint

How to make the best Christmas ever

We can all agree that Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. Whether you’re an adult or child, waking up on Christmas Eve and on the day itself is super exciting. However, the lead up to Christmas can be a little stressful, especially if you want everything to be as magical and perfect as possible.

A truly special Christmas at home is about more than presents (although they are a big part of it!); it’s about spending time with loved ones, enjoying each other’s company and creating meaningful memories. To help you put together the best Christmas ever, here’s a quick rundown of classic activities and gift ideas for you to try.

Spend time with the loved ones for the best Christmas

Christmas essentials

Before we get into the gifts, here are a few of the classic activities that families and friends can partake in together.

Baking and cooking – Christmas is the one time of year that we all love to stuff ourselves with treats and amazing food. Bake up fun foods with friends, family or your kids, such as Santa cookies and snowman cakes.

Listen to Christmas music – There’s no escaping it! Keep the Christmas tunes rolling throughout the house, even in rooms you’re not using. Classic carols really add an atmosphere, and modern songs make the fun!

Christmas movie marathons – Whether it’s Harry Potter, Love Actually, Lord of the Rings or even Die Hard, everyone has their favourite Christmas movie, so break out the snacks, cuddle up on the couch and hit play.

Decorating the tree – From tinsel and toys through to baubles and candy canes, decorating the tree with your kids is a great chance to collaborate and be creative.

Decorating your walls – Our clients know that with our magnetic whiteboard paint it’s easy to decorate the walls for different occasions like Christmas. It’s also a very fun family activity to do.

Choosing a charity – Christmas is about giving, so decide as a family which charity to support with a toy drive, or which ones to make a donation to.

Going carol singing – Wherever you are, there will be performances of carols in schools and community centres. Go ahead and check one out to really get into the spirit of things.

Check out Christmas markets – For great food, gifts, entertainment and ambience. Just make sure to dress warm!

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Gifts with meaning

The past year has been difficult for many of us, so the time has never been better to show people just how much you love and appreciate them. Here are just a handful of sentimental gift ideas you can think about: 

Photo gifts – Turn photos and special memories into keepsakes such as mugs, calendars, photo albums, keyrings and just about anything you can think of. Lots of companies online offer this service, so find one that looks good and get to work!

Custom jewellery – From necklaces and bracelets through to watches and rings, you can inscribe special messages and dates onto jewellery which can be kept forever.

Something handmade – Whether it’s socks, handkerchiefs or arts and crafts, receiving something handmade just for you, hits differently. You don’t need to be too crafty to really make an emotional impact on your loved one.

Create CD’s with favourite music – Mixtapes (or CD’s / USB’s these days) are simple but effective, as they really show that you know the recipient.

The gift of creativity

ESCREO wishes you a Merry Christmas!

One gift idea that would surprise and delight just about anyone is whiteboard paint that can also be clear and magnetic. After a simple application, your loved ones can have a writeable and decorative surface anywhere in their home! 

Whether they want to use magnetic whiteboard paint to hang up pictures or create a drawing wall in their kid’s bedroom, there’s an ESCREO use for everyone. For more ideas on just how perfect a gift ESCREO can be, read our articles on how to turn your home into a writable wonderland, how drawing helps develop your child’s motor skills and 6 ideas to turn your home office into a more productive space.

Santa Claus at the best Christmas ever