Breathe cleaner with air purifying paint

Breathe cleaner with air purifying paint

We all want a healthy and safe environment in our home, and when we go through a refurbishment or a move, safety and wellbeing are often a top priority. When it comes to painting, we don’t usually consider it to have any more use outside of decoration – but with functional paints this is no longer true and indoor air quality is a priority.

Functional paint can do a lot more than you think. As well as setting the mood and tone of a room, it can serve a practical use – including the improvement of the very air you breathe. Air purifying paint improves indoor air quality, and is one of the newest entrants in the functional paint market, already proving to be a valuable investment for homes, businesses and commercial spaces. Let’s take a closer look.

improving indoor air quality

Why indoor air quality matters

Indoor air quality is strongly associated with health and wellbeing, and whether we’re at work, home or at the shops, we spend a lot more time indoors than we might think. Breathable air that’s free of health threatening pollutants can lower risk of respiratory illnesses, lead to a higher quality of life, and a reduced risk of various chronic conditions.

What is air purifying paint?

Air purifying paints are often used to seal a surface that releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. VOCs are a combination of gases and odours emitted from many different toxins and chemicals found in everyday products – including common paint – and can negatively influence the quality of the air you breathe indoors.

By trapping VOCs, the air purifying paint stops them from escaping into the air and contaminating the indoor environment. As a result, VOCs released by furniture, flooring, equipment, or décor are minimised, resulting in better indoor air quality. Air purifying paint improves indoor air quality and can be used in a range of different places, including homes, offices, industrial areas and commercial spaces, and are frequently used to remediate rooms where standard paints are causing discomfort.

Who should use it?

Anyone who wants to improve the quality of the air – either for themselves, their customers, visitors or employees. Using air purifying paint is especially advantageous for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, breathing problems or other related conditions. If you’ve recently moved into an apartment with inadequate ventilation, for example, a fast layer of this paint can help you breathe easier and feel more at ease.

Helping at home

Your home is your castle, and one of the places where you’ll spend a lot of your indoor time. As such, it makes sense that you want the quality of the air you breathe to be as good as possible. By using functional paint like air purifying paint, you can make a real difference in your home’s air quality. Also, you can possibly improve or prevent your allergies. It’s especially helpful to groups such as the elderly, children and those more sensitive to respiratory irritation and allergic reactions from airborne particles.

It’s also versatile and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, making it an obvious choice for any renovation.

improving workplace air quality

At work

Other than the home, those of us who work will be spending a lot of time in offices and other indoor places for hours at a time. As well as the usual health benefits of reducing VOC concentration in the air, there are other advantages that can be enjoyed. Research by Harvard University shows that negative air quality can have a tangible impact on productivity and other cognitive functions. Following a change in ventilation, the performance of workers increased by 8%.

As such, breathing better air can lead to better decision-making, productivity, and cognitive performance – which in turn has a positive impact on overall job satisfaction for everyone involved.

For commercial use

As customers, one of the first things we judge a commercial property with is how clean it looks and smells. Whether it’s a supermarket, clothes shop or café, having air purifying paint improves indoor air quality and will let you welcome customers with purer air and a better feeling all round. This is especially important for smaller commercial properties which are unlikely to have as much airflow as larger, more open establishments. 

Why choose ESCREO air purifying paint?

Air purifying paint to remove indoor air pollution

ESCREO offers a wide range of carbon neutral functional paints allowing you to only make your walls air-purifying, but also make them writable and magnetic. 

Our air purifying paint is a non-toxic and eco-friendly water-based paint. It contains an enriched mineral which attracts and neutralises harmful air pollutants, including VOCS, airborne chemicals and carbon dioxide. Here are the highlights:

  • Premium quality and high durability
  • Does not contain toxic solvents
  • Fast drying and odourless
  • Lab tested and proven to work
  • Absorbs pollutants for up to give years
  • Does not relieve absorbed pollutants back into the air

We’re not just about purifying your immediate environment – we want to help purify the planet too! We have green invoicing, carbon-neutral production of our paints and our amazing forestry project that plants trees in select global locations. 

Sounds good? Find more information about ESCREO Clean Air, our air purifying paint that will reduce indoor air pollution.