Make a wish and learn how to keep your New Year's resolutions

6 ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Now that 2021 is nearly at a close, we can all probably agree that it’s been a little difficult. But, as we enter into 2022, we can’t help but feel positive about better times to come. New Year’s resolutions are a fantastic tool that many people use to better themselves in one particular way. Whether it’s to exercise more, quit smoking, get a new job or move house, January 1st is a popular time to start making changes for the better. 

But, as we know, making plans is one thing – carrying them out is another entirely! So, what are the best kinds of resolutions to make and how can tools like ESCREO whiteboard paint help you stick to them?

Define and keep new year's resolutions

It’s not easy to keep your New Year’s resolutions

For many of us, making New Year’s resolutions are good intentions, but sticking to them proves to be tricky. Here are some of the biggest reasons people fail – just so that you can know what to avoid.

  1. People focus on the results instead of the journey. Without understanding that true change is incremental, it’s easy to become frustrated and give up.
  2. High expectations can create false hopes, and once again can result in frustration that progress is not fast enough.
  3. Going for something too big can start off as an inspiring notion but can quickly lead to disappointment. Changing lifestyle and habits is very difficult and some people often aim too high.
  4. Trying too much at once, making it easy to become overwhelmed by the multiple tasks and goals you set yourself.
  5. There is not a clear plan, just a ‘big idea’. This means when you stumble (we all do, we’re human), you’ll feel like giving up. 
  6. Rewards and respite are also important. While being disciplined is key, you still have to enjoy your life. Being too military will impact your morale.
Make a wish to learn how to keep new year's resolutions

Here’s how you can succeed!

1. Pick something you actually want to do

The most common resolutions revolve around losing weight, exercising more, or being healthier. While many people do want to achieve these things, it’s not necessarily where their heart lies. The best way to achieve resolution success is to really do something you’re passionate about. Ask yourself if you’re going to be happier giving something up, or if you’re doing something because you feel like you ‘should’, rather than ‘want’ to.

2. Be specific in your resolutions

Your New Year’s resolution is just a goal, which needs to be made up of smaller goals. For instance, instead of saying ‘I want to lose weight’, break it down into actual steps, such as walking four times a week, going to the gym twice, which healthy meals you’ll make and so on.

To support this, write it down! By using tools such as writeable paint in your kitchen or near the front door, you can have your goals front and centre to keep it in your mind, and to check off mini-milestones along the way.

3. Don’t give up

Remind yourself of your goals as much as possible. Ask friends and family to support you, talk about what you’ve achieved and don’t let them out of your sight. By using writable paint you’ll be able to keep track of progress and have your targets displayed in large and colourful ways to really keep them in mind. 

You can even leave yourself a small diary on your surface as well, with encouraging messages such as ‘I walked today!’ or ‘down four pounds!’. 

4. Be kind to yourself

You’re a human being, and at some moments you won’t hit your mini-targets – and that’s ok! If you miss a workout, well that doesn’t matter: tomorrow is another day. If you get too frustrated with yourself, you’ll be more likely to drop the whole thing entirely, so give yourself a break when things seem hard.

5. Rewards are good

While on the topic of being kind to yourself, celebrating the little wins can go a long way to keeping you motivated. For instance, if you’re trying to eat better, having a small reward in the form of a food you love will not set you back in any meaningful way. 

6. Be inspired

Whatever your goal is, odds are someone else has already reached it. Talk to friends and family to see if they have tried something similar, or even read books or listen to podcasts from others in the same situation. By hearing success stories, the end goal will seem all the more realistic and will keep you focused and positive.

Happy New Year 2022 from ESCREO to help keep your new year's resolutions

ESCREO is here to help

Succeeding to keep your New Year’s resolutions won’t be easy, but with the right mind-set and tools, anything is possible. Part of the journey is to stay organised, and instead of keeping track in a notepad that’s easy to ignore, writable walls and surfaces around your home can really help.

Make checklists, draw and doodle inspirational messages, keep meal plans, use magnets to pin up pictures and posters – there are many ways that ESCREO writable wall paint can help you.

Good luck to you, whatever your goals. You can do it!