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5 Back-to-School Essentials for a Better Learning


The fall is just around the corner and it’s that exciting time of the year to get our little ones ready for their new school year. We’ve selected 5 different tools and apps that will help our children learn in a creative, more productive and innovative way.

Lay back and enjoy the sea breeze while discovering our back-to-school essentials for a productive learning. Who knows, you may start using a few for your own growth!



Whether your child needs some support in practising English or learning a new language, Duolingo app is there for you. Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, and High Valyrian are just a few examples of languages you can learn together with your kiddo.

With 26 million users per month, Duolingo offers an easy and creative way to learn new grammar concepts and enrich the vocabulary. Available on iOS, Android, and PCs for free, the app enables students to complete short and fun exercises any place, any time. Now you won’t mind your child staring in his or her phone.



secret kids pack

A parent to a little artist who loves breaking the rules? Or helping your child with the math homework requires more efforts than you thought? It’s all fine, we’ve got you covered. A few square meters of total creative freedom resolve these and a couple of other productivity issues.

ESCREO is a whiteboard paint that turns every surface into a dry-erase one, giving your child more space for self-expression and learning. The paint comes in colours you love with an option for a magnetic surface. Walls, floors, tables, chairs, you name it – this whiteboard paint gives everything a new perspective. Whether it’s drawings, formulas, theorems, maps, or favourite photos with friends – all of these find their place on your wall.

Now your child got enough space to create, learn, make mistakes and, most importantly, innovate.



If you find it challenging to spark a love for reading in your child, this may be a saver. Kindle is an e-reader that you can use not only for e-books and audiobooks but for films and games as well. Trust us, you’ll love this for a long car ride or international flight.

The device comes in both e-ink and colourful models, meaning your child will be able to read comic books when he or she had too much of Dickens. The Kindle e-book library unofficially accounts around 48.5 million books, offering a variety of books in any genre – whether it’s a sci-fi novel or a biology textbook.


children board game

The Disruptus board game is an excellent way to support your child’s natural ability to innovate. The game makes your quality time an exciting experience and we can guarantee you’ll learn some useful lessons from Disruptus as well.

This board game challenges your child to come up with a new way to use certain objects, depending on the card they get. The options are: Create, Improve, Transform, Disrupt, and all of them are stimulating a player to find an innovative way of completing the task.

You can play Disruptus alone, with 2 or 3 players, and even in teams. So feel free to add this piece to your board games collection! Along with Dixit, it’ll help you and your child take the innovation skills to a next level.



Introducing your 5-year-old to the world of IT and coding may sound absurd but we’ve got some good news for you. With CodeSpark app, you can help your boy or girl take their first steps in coding, develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

With the help of colourful and vivid puzzles, the app enables your children to create loops, conditionals, and, finally, programs – all in the form of visual programming language. It’s a great way to introduce your little one to how computers work and maybe even inspire him or her to make an early career choice.

The game is designed for the children of 4 to 9 years old and will be fun for both boys and girls. It’s available on iOS, Android, and PCs – with a free trial period and an optional subscription. Giving your child a glimpse of the exciting and complex world of IT definitely deserves a chance!


Share these essentials with your friends and let us know in the comments below YOUR favourite apps and games for developing children creativity and innovation!