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What people say about us

The Escreo walls help up communicate, systemize our ideas and create more CHAOS!

Apostol Apostolov from Chaos Group

Apostol Apostolov

Business Analyzer
Chaos Group

I haven’t received my paint yet as only ordered yesterday but wanted to leave a comment regarding customer service. I messed up my order, ordered/ paid twice and the help I received when I went on live chat was excellent. All sorted within mins, email received to confirm same. Thank you! Can’t wait to get my paint now.


Nothing but an excellent experience from using this paint. While waiting for my paint to arrive I asked some questions to customer support which were answered quickly and in good detail. This made me feel confident about the wall I would be painting and the clear steps I would need to follow to achieve the desired result. After a few days the paint arrived and I got to painting the wall. I had ordered 9 square meters worth of the white board paint and it took me just a few hours to apply the two coats required. The paint had very good coverage and was easy to apply. After then waiting the required time for the paint to dry it has been used everyday extensively for the last couple of weeks with no issues what so ever. The people that are using it are really happy and absolutely love it! Would definitely purchase again and use in my own house, fantastic company!

Samuel Ferguson

As a software service company invested in its success, we engage the brightest minds in the world of innovative solutions. One means of giving them freedom of expression is with the use of writable wall surfaces provided by Escreo’s products. They fuel our creativity during our brainstorming sessions and livened up our planning meetings, as we continue to best serve everyone - from global leaders to local startups and entrepreneurs.

Nikolay Lyubchev

Marketing Manager

They are smart and creative folks and its great to see their imagination becoming a reality on this lively wall, that Escreo helped us put in place.

Ioana Sava

Business developer
Tech Hub

We ran into some issues with the first installation and a dropped spray bottle. I must say I've been well impressed with their customer service! Replaced the dropped spray bottle and send us more paint to stick another set of coats onto our white board so it wasn't so hard to get the writing off. Would definitely recommend them. Outstanding customer service.


Escreo team is fresh, cool and very energetic. At SAP we are using their wall every day, and it took just a few hours to create it. Couldn't everything be done so smart?


Head of Marketing

We are happy we can constantly writе on all walls of our Academy's training room as they are covered by ESCREO paint. Both our trainers and participants are keen to use this innovative way of presenting ideas directly on the walls. Together we have a lot of fun to share and learn in this inspiring environment!

Maria Ratz

PwC Academy Bulgaria Leader
PwC Bulgaria

As a company driven by the creative spirit of its clients - the SketchUp users - visualizing all our ideas is quite crucial. Therefore, ESCREO was the logical solution when we planned our office space. Altogether with the perfect attitude, ESCREO is among the top partners of ours. I personally encourage everyone to draw while speaking, even if the person is better with words or numbers. Besides emphasizing all the important points, the imperfect drawing skills one may have is kind of a team building moment.

Tanya Ilieva

Marketing Executive
AECO Space