Join our growing family and enjoy a world of benefits

Becoming an ESCREO partner doesn’t just give you exclusive access and enhanced customer service: it gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and spread creativity in your chosen sector, using products that your clients will love.


At ESCREO, we believe in collaboration, imagination and productivity. These values extend to our partnership program, where we work closely with our members to extend their product line, improve their current offering and connect with customers in a whole new way.

Who are our partners?

Our partners include architects, building planners, design studios, interior decorators and more. Whatever the sector, we know that ESCREO whiteboard paint will surprise and delight your clients. And, with our team supporting you every step of the way, your success will be ours as well.

Our partners can enjoy:

✔️ Media coverage – Through our channels and partnerships to promote your business and offers.

✔️ Creative consultation – To help you and your clients get the most from what ESCREO can bring to the table, walls and chairs.

✔️ Enhanced customer service – With faster checkout, delivery and dedicated support.

✔️ Exclusive discounts – Not available to our usual commercial customers, helping you save money and increase your margins.

✔️ Early access to new products – Be the first to test and offer the latest innovations in writeable whiteboard paint and related products.

✔️ Easy access to samples – Enjoy more samples and demonstrations, free of charge to help you find your perfect solution.

✔️ Continuous support – As a partner and/or reseller, an account manager will be on-hand to support and advise whenever needed.

✔️ Active participation – Provide feedback and be involved with new product suggestions or improvements.

✔️ True differentiation – Stand out amongst the competition with creative, interesting and fun ESCREO products.

Start your journey with us today

A new world awaits! To find out more about becoming an ESCREO partner, just give us a call or send us a message via the contact form.


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Why professionals chose ESCREO?

We value ESCREO as our partners because of the professionalism, fast feedback and fair relationships they maintain with their customers. We have been working together since our first school project. Since then, they have been our constant partner and advisor in our other school projects.

arch. Maria Staynova and arch. Violetka Slavova

We partner extremely well with ESCREO, not only because they offer recognizable and sought-after products, but also because they are always open to new ideas and concepts. Eternally searching people always find a common language.

arch. Martin Ryashev
DA Architects

Undoubtedly, ESCREO products are extremely practical, but what makes them special for us is that they provoke not only creativity in employees, but also creativity in shaping the space.

arch. Neva Damyanova
Ivo Petrov Architects


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