Be inspired by our whiteboard paint in action

From colourful offices and creative spaces to imaginative playrooms and inspiring classrooms – see how our customers are using ESCREO whiteboard paint, magnetic whiteboard paint and clear whiteboard paint across the world.

  • Paysafe Whiteboard Paint Project
  • PwC's Academy
  • Bosch
  • PwC's Academy
  • Whiteboard Paint Desk
  • BNCL
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bosch
  • Office Walls ESCREO Whiteboard
  • Office Walls ESCREO
  • Office Framed Walls ESCREO
  • Office ESCREO
  • Up2technology
  • Pure Walls ESCREO Whiteboard
  • Kids Room Escreo Clear Whiteboard
  • Kids Room Whitebpoard ESCREO
  • Kids Whiteboard ESCREO Sofa
  • Kids Whiteboard ESCREO

ESCREO at BNP Paribas by DA Architects