Writable Walls & Surfaces

Turn your home into a writable wonderland

We’ve all been in situations where inspiration strikes and there’s nowhere to write or draw it down. It’s moments like these (and many others) that make ESCREO such a great addition to your home. By allowing you to turn any suitable surface into a dry-erase writable area, you’ll be able to mark up your walls as much as you need. And, the best part is that you can use them again and again.

To help inspire you, here are some pointers on what you can do ☺.

Surfaces to write on

ESCREO writable paint is not just for walls – it’s for just about any surface that allows it! For example:

  • Glass – Such as windows and cabinet doors.
  • Marble – On your kitchen work surfaces or bathroom walls.
  • Wood – Window frames, tables, desks and furniture
  • Wallpaper – In any room that has it, just as long as the wallpaper itself is not textured.
  • Metal – Such as cooker hoods and even car doors (with permission from the owner of course)
  • Hardboard – At the end of beds, on furniture and other well-sanded areas.

Object to write on

Of course, surfaces are just the beginning. Walls are great for the big ideas, but you can also turn normal household objects into writable ones as well!

  • Desks – For taking down notes or doodling during studies or work meetings.
  • Sides of beds – With wishes for sweet dreams and drawings.
  • Mugs – Leave notes, and if your mug is your mug, you can let people know.
  • Tables – For fun games over dinner.
  • Cupboards and wardrobes – Reminders for laundry, fun pictures or decorations.
  • Kitchen and bedroom cabinets – With labels and fun reminders of what’s stored inside.

Ideas for individual rooms

From fun and exciting through to productive and functional, you can bring out a room’s true personality whether it’s an office, bedroom, corridor or anywhere else.

Our whiteboard wall paint transforms any room into an innovative canvas to help your family illustrate errands, needs, reminders or just good old-fashioned creative fun. Here are just a few examples of what you can do: 

Home Office

Home offices are a place where real work (and play) can happen, with projects that need constant attention and productivity. Go ahead and paint an entire wall with reminders and schedules and create a special space on your desk for notes to take during meetings. 

Living room

The central place for any family and guest gathering, you can transform your living room with writable paint to great effect. Play games, leave messages, draw doodles, hold family meetings and encourage guests to join in the fun.


There’s a lot that goes into having a great kitchen, and with writable surfaces you’ll be able to make it even better. Write out grocery lists, reminders, labels, dinner menus, recipes and anything else that catches your fancy.



Never leave the house without your keys again. By having a space on the back of the door or along the wall, you can leave reminders, notes, errands and good wishes for anyone who’s coming in and out of your home.

Children’s Bedrooms

Experimenting with shapes and colours is a great way to develop the cognitive function of your kids, and lets them express themselves in a designated space without having to make a mess anywhere else. Encourage them to draw their favourite animals, write out fun little poems and leave notes.


Join the family today

Not only is our paint good for your home, office and the environment, it’s also super easy to apply, use and clean. And, as a testament to the quality of our product, we’re offering a full 1-year warranty on all of our paints and a 10-year limited warranty for that extra peace of mind.

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So, now that you know our paint is the real deal, you’re probably wondering about all the amazing things you can do with it. For example, if you’re an employer, you can promote employee wellbeing, and if you’re a parent, you can help to develop your child’s motor and creative skills.

But of course, that’s not all. Our blog is packed with awesome ideas for your ESCREO paint, and is regularly updated. So, check back regularly and get the most from your writable surfaces! For more information on our writable paint, head on over to the product page today and discover just how great ESCREO can be for you 🙂

Your walls are waiting

You might be worried about mess and hassle, but Home Works is super-easy to apply and will last for years to come. Guests will love seeing your writable surfaces for the first time and you’ll be able to create a more creative environment for adults and kids alike. Go ahead and treat yourself!