improving office and employee wellbeing with functional paints

Improving employee wellbeing with ESCREO functional paints

Improving employee wellbeing is more vital than ever because organizations have finally grasped the potential it has to alter their employees’ lives, cut absenteeism and healthcare expenses, and foster a healthy corporate culture. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly placed a greater emphasis on mental health than ever before, resulting in the largest shift in employee wellbeing for some time.
So, put on the kettle, grab a hot drink and take a few minutes to join us as we take a closer look at wellbeing in the workplace, what companies can do about it, and how our functional paints like our air purifying paint and our writable whiteboard paint can take workplace health to the next level and improve employee wellbeing.

How have attitudes around employee wellbeing changed?

In the past, health and wellbeing at work were very focused on medical health only, whereas today, employee wellness is not just about physical wellbeing, but mental, cultural and social wellness too.

Employers have begun to place a greater emphasis on benefits such as fitness activities and standing desks, rather than addressing specific health conditions. After all, avoiding sickness is significantly less expensive than treating it, and benefits everyone involved.

Employee wellbeing benefits will become more diverse in the future. Employee disengagement, absenteeism, and healthcare expenditures are just too large to be overlooked. As a result, businesses will progressively see the value of employee wellbeing and begin to provide for their emotional, physical, and financial welfare.

writable surfaces with clear whiteboard paint

Employee wellbeing approaches

Here are some of the areas in which employers can focus to create a truly supportive environment for improving employee wellbeing.

  1. Better communication – Your staff wants to be heard! When your workers’ issues go unresolved, they begin to believe that their voice is unimportant. Furthermore, listening to and acting on your employees’ suggestions may make them feel like valuable members of your company, giving them a greater sense of satisfaction in their job and, as a result, improving their happiness.
  2. More kudos – Employees feel more happy and satisfied in their positions when their hard work, dedication, and teamwork are recognized. Furthermore, improving employee wellbeing through employee acknowledgment boosts productivity and fosters a culture of gratitude.
  3. Humanity and empathy – Empathy and compassion for your workers’ problems will strengthen the emotional tie between you and them, humanize your workplace, and make it a better place to work for everyone.
  4. Health screening and insurance – Giving your staff a health exam once a year is an effective method for them to address any health concerns they may have. It also improves the odds of avoiding infections by allowing them to be detected early on. Also, you should provide health insurance to your employees as a benefit, with a variety of options so that they can choose a plan that works for them.
  5. Gym and exercise initiatives – A gym membership is an excellent employee perk that will not only make you a more appealing employer but will also help your staff keep in shape and relieve stress. You can also offer wellness initiatives such as company-wide jogging or fun sports competitions to build up team spirits and fitness at the same time.
  6. Providing healthy meals and snacks – Many employees choose fast food for lunch since preparing meals takes a long time. You can help your team stay healthy and focused at work by providing better meals in your cafeteria or negotiating discounts for eateries that serve healthy cuisine. Ensure that there is plenty of fruit around.
  7. Easier collaboration – For many employees, working on projects in big groups may be a cause of stress. Employees who are unable to follow each other’s work or gauge their contribution to a bigger project scheme might get frustrated and disillusioned. Devise ways to make collaboration as easy as possible – and consider getting writable paint!
improve employee wellbeing with writable wall paint

Painting a healthier picture with ESCREO Clean Air and writable paint

Working in a team might be difficult, but it is an unavoidable element of the job, but you can improve employee wellbeing and reduce their stress levels by creating better opportunities for cooperation. That’s where ESCREO comes in.

As well as improving the air quality of the office with ESCREO Clean Air paint, leading to better health and productivity (more on that here), we have additional functional paints that are fantastic tools for raising morale, creativity, and productivity, like the whiteboard paint, the magnetic writable paint or the clear/transparent dry-erase paint. Here are a few ways it can help your business with its wellness drive:

Wellbeing reminders – With large, bright, and attention-grabbing lettering and doodles that draw team attention to the best ways to look after themselves, such as drinking more water, watching their posture, going for walks during their break, and so on. These can be at the entrance, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and other contact points making sure you achieve your goals of improving employee wellbeing. 

Spread positive thinking – Motivate staff to think positively by using positive messaging, drawings, and doodling. Making your coworkers and employees feel welcome and cared for can go a long way, especially if they are having a rough day.

Break the ice – Whether there are new staff members, or you feel like there’s a bit of a stiff atmosphere in the office, writable paint will let you plan a bunch of excellent team-building games to get everyone laughing and working together.

Make meetings great again – Now that we’re all slowly returning to the office, the dreading meetings will also make their return. But, with writable walls, they don’t need to be difficult or boring! With writable walls, people can share ideas, stand up to mark up good points and feel more engaged nd involved across the (white)board.

Creativity feels great – Brainstorming and planning are a part of any normal business operation but can get a little stale if not handled the right way. With writable paint, you can get people in an allocated room for creative thinking, where the walls are the canvas for ideas to flow freely.

Wellness makes the world go round

ESCREO functional paints have made an impact in several businesses across a variety of sectors. Our many whiteboard paint products, such as the original whiteboard writable paint, magnetic writable paint, transparent whiteboard paint, all boost office creativity and teamwork; our new paint innovation, ESCREO air purifying paint, reduces indoor air pollution by more than 90.1% in any room.
For more ideas on how to engage your staff with writable walls, check out this list of fun and productive team-building games, and these whiteboard collaboration techniques.