ESCREO Clean Air - Air cleaning paint

Clean air coming from your wall: Introducing ESCREO Clean Air

Most of us spend our time indoors but do we really know how to spend it in the healthiest way possible? This is the question we have been asking ourselves ever since we first started analysing the quality of the air in different spaces as part of a new product R&D that we conducted a while ago. 

Why is clean air important?

While you might not be living or working in an area you consider dirty or polluted, that doesn’t mean the indoor air is clean. In fact, far from it. And when research shows the negative air quality impact on productivity, performance, and wellbeing, the air at home and in your office suddenly becomes very important. 

We have always liked creativity and innovations as all of you already know. Hence, it was just a matter of time for us to create a new air cleaning paint product that could help us breathe healthier in any indoor space we could think of. And here we are launching ESCREO Clean Air – the air purifying paint that helps us breathe cleaner.

Reducing indoor air pollution with ESCREO Clean Air

What is ESCREO Clean Air?

The name speaks for itself – a non-toxic eco-friendly interior paint which reduces indoor air pollution by more than 90.1%. One of its magic components is the enhanced mineral by Smog Armor that attracts and neutralises harmful air pollutants, including VOCs, odours, airborne chemicals and CO2. Once absorbed by the air cleaning paint, harmful contaminants do not return to the air.

ESCREO Clean Air is a great collaboration between modern technology and a clever “problem-solving” approach to optimise the environment in which we live, making it even more creative. It is formulated in such a way that it provides a uniform easy to apply excellent hiding latex finish along with its air purifying characteristics.

New ESCREO Clean Air

ESCREO’s portfolio now

ESCREO Clean Air is the new addition to ESCREO’s CO2 neutral portfolio of functional paints. For almost a decade now, ESCREO whiteboard paints have been taking your creativity out of the box. An example is our very popular transparent whiteboard paint. It lets you keep the original colour of any wall or flat surface, and turn it into a writing canvas. It is now time for ESCREO Clean Air to spread creativity in a way that will benefit our health. Also where we spend most of our time – between those four walls!

But the good part is that walls are much more than just walls. And we know that. We would like you to feel it, too! We cannot wait to hear about your customer experiences with our new paint innovation. And just before dirty air starts killing your productivity, start embracing the healthy air indoors today!

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