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We continue with our favorite series ‘Writing on the wall…’, where we talk about the Escreo walls or rather about the people next to them. With this material, we aim to introduce to you our clients’ and partners’ activities and ambitions, as well as to show you various and specific applications of Escreo in an office environment. Today we’re interviewing Tony from Hack Bulgaria – one of the best programming schools in Sofia.


Tell us about Hack Bulgaria in one tweet.

A place where writing in code is an obligation, lectures are part of the homework and fun just happens naturally.

Why choosing the Escreo product?

We realized that our whiteboard is too small for us. And the idea to have some space on which to write down everything we think of all around us, so everyone can see it, is something we really liked.

What do you write on your Escreo wall?

In the majority of the time there are courses taking place in our room. Therefore you can see various programming concepts, displayed in an interesting manner. Or thoughts of our students over some of the tasks they’re having. And now, during the summer, the wall is mostly used for brainstorming on preparations for the upcoming conference this fall – HackConf2016. And of course, the easiest way to visualize it is by colored markers.


Thoughts on the wall of Hack Bulgaria
Thoughts on the wall


Programming + creativity = EUL or “mission impossible”?

Ha-ha! I’d rather say ‘mission (im) possible’. The best thing about both of them is that it lets you create. Programmers are artists for me – they have the ability to create functional things, so I ask myself how can a person who creates not be an artist? One brings up the other and vice versa (creativity <-> programming). And both of them together make the world around us a better place.

“What if” = if you could do something crazy / unusual / impossible in Hack Bulgaria’s office, what would it be?

I am glad that for our team the phrase ‘I’m going to the office’ means much more than just ‘going to work’. I won’t go as far as saying that I have impossible ideas. Most of them are quite feasible. The first one I would like to try is “multiple part-time roles” – at least one day in which all of us switch places for a few hours. It would be not only useful, but very fun.


Art and programming in Hack Bulgaria
Where art meets programming