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We continue with our favorite series ‘Writing on the wall…’, where we talk about the Escreo walls or rather about the people next to them. With this material, we aim to introduce to you our clients’ and partners’ activities and ambitions, as well as to show you various and specific applications of Escreo in an office environment. Today we’re interviewing Ivan Shtipkov, Marketing and Sales Director at Cooolbox.



Why did you chose Escreo for your office?

We found Escreo in search of a way of provoking creativity that’s different from the traditional ones. We support innovative ideas, so we decided to initially transform the wall in one conference room. The team liked it, so we did the same with our second one. Currently we have three white walls to create on. Many ideas were born on them, as well as lots of brainstorming meetings and countless projects with their respective tasks. We also liked the Escreo team very much. In them we saw young, enterprising and coool people who think outside the box.


We are fond of green
We are fond of green as well


Is it difficult for a person to think creatively when surrounded by pragmatic machines?

A truly creative person will find a way to put its pragmatic machines to use in a way others would not. Everything that surrounds us is inspiration, motivation and reason to create something beautiful and innovative.

Some see a pragmatic machine, while others see a muse to paint something beautiful on a graphic tablet, for example. Some see just a white wall, while for other it’s a canvas to paint their ideas on. If you are tuned to see and think creatively, you can never be surrounded by pragmatism in any form at all.


What are the main challenges in dealing with clients?

The main challenges are maintaining the high level of service and quality our customers are used to. Our greatest wish is that our customers are satisfied with what they get and happy to choose our services. We head our aspirations and efforts in this direction, side-by-side with continuous technological improvement and technical support.

Besides telecommunications services, we strive to educate our clients – acquaint them with developments in the market, what is relevant and what they can expect in the near future on the Bulgarian market, like “virtual reality”, for example.

We share the view that it’s coool to be different, modern and familiar with technology and we invite them to join us in this regard.


Speed always matters
Speed is what really matters


Name five things that your internet is faster than.

1. You can download an HD movie faster than you would prepare the popcorn for it.

2. You can download a music album faster than you would prepare your morning coffee.

3. It’s faster to download the movie “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes” than to read its name.

4. It’s faster to make a backup of 10GB of files in the cloud than to read this blog post.

5. You can download a 5 MB picture faster that you can blink. Don’t believe me? The blink rate of an average human is from 0.1 to 0.15 seconds and the speed you would download the photo with is 0.04 seconds.


In which cities can we expect to see you in the future?

It depends whether we talk about the distant or near future. We have some ideas to expand our coverage, but we prefer for it to be a surprise and share it when we are ready.


This future expansion in Cooolbox will bring something else as well – increasing their team. What’s left for it is to conquer new heights as they do in OLX’s office.