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Whiteboard vs Escreo – Writing everywhere becomes possible

Whiteboard vs Escreo

Choose the future!

Еscreo not only encourages free and easy communication, but also helps you work more effectively with your colleagues.

The comparison with the whiteboard is natural, but the innovative Escreo paint is created with one purpose – to become the whiteboard of a new generation.

This material aims to demonstrate and prove our benefits towards the traditional whiteboard.

We continue with Number 4 of the series

The effective interior design of the office space includes many aspects and every element has to be taken under consideration. Therefore, bearing that in mind it is only natural to pay attention to all kinds of surfaces including their form and placement. Is your workplace an open space, is the interior fractured by many walls, do you see any pillars, round walls or glass doors?

Also, don’t forget the increasing interest in bringing the walls back in the office space, as said in an article in Telegraph. What we expect in 7 years are more personal spaces and hubs in the workplace. And that most definitely means more walls!


Whiteboard vs Escreo - you can write everywhere
The office desk is the new notebook!


If by now you haven’t payed much attention to your surroundings, the walls and the pillars in particular, their functionality might consist in some wall art, sticky notes for reminders and the occasional TV. What we want to do is to show you how fun the smooth surfaces in the office can be.

If we choose the whiteboard:

  • It takes up a lot of place of your wall, which will not be functional and will stay hidden
  • Small sized whiteboards might be effective when hung in tiny place, but do they give you enough space to write down your ideas?
  • The installation of a whiteboard leaves your walls damaged
  • You can’t adjust it for every surface in the office

If we turn to Escreo for help, we’ll expect:

  • Colorful wall, or might I say a canvas for every idea you come up with


  • Glass table or desk – the perfect place right next to your laptop to write down your daily tasks


  • Pillars, which no longer be just another dull element in the office interior. Leave your colleagues some fun messages
  • Color separated spaces in the workplace, which stimulate different activities
  • Smooth surfaces, which not only close up the space around you, but are now a part of your entire company concept and complete its image
  • A lot of fun – the walls will communicate with you – with your own words!
  • And for the more adventurous ones – the ceiling is not the limit!


whiteboard vs Escreo - it's your choice
Choose the future!


Escreo is the innovative paint which transforms the space around you into something more. It makes it an office, which carries the creative mark of every employee. The workplace comes to life, if only we give it a chance. The good interior solution pays attention to more than just the visible. It also finds functionality in places, where we least expect.


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