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Whiteboard vs Escreo

Choose the future!

Еscreo not only encourages free and easy communication, but also helps you work more effectively with your colleagues.

The comparison with the Whiteboard is natural, but the innovative Escreo paint is created with one purpose – to become the whiteboard of a new generation.

This material aims to demonstrate and prove our benefits towards the traditional whiteboard.

We continue with Number 3 of the series

The modern office requires a good plan, as does every business using its space. When we have a topic like design and its price, we ought to keep in mind that smart investment has to satisfy factors like time, quality and amount of money. The neverending triangle of disappointment, when facing the problem – ‘I have to choose two of them, but let go of the third.’ Some of the biggest names in the history of investment have similar conclusions when talking about money. There are two primary elements – price and value.

‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.’

– Warren Buffett –

‘All intelligent investing is value investing — acquiring more that you are paying for.’

– Charlie Munger –

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about millions or few hundreds –  the formula for smart investing always follows the value you’re paying for. This is why it’s so important to look past all possible prices we see when putting the words ‘whiteboard – prices’ in the powerful search engine. We continue to keep in mind – price is not independent. It has to remain inside the context of services and their quality, when talking about smart investment in interior design of the office.

Does the whiteboard have the value you're paying for?
Value is what you actually pay for!

The image of the whiteboard revolves around one word – accessibility. We’ve grown up in its presence in the interior and when organizing an office space it looks like the fastest, easiest and most logical solution. Therefore smart investment is a matter of detailed research of options though. In this case we’re going to concentrate in the options offered in Bulgaria – Bulgarian producers and distributors who develop their business in the Bulgarian market and follow specific pricing systems.

Whiteboard Prices

    • Sizes – 6 standard ones – from 4EUR. to 180EUR
    • Types – standard whiteboard, combined with cork, magnetic, glass – from 4EUR to 180EUR
    • Triple whiteboard – around 450EUR
    • Mobile whiteboard – around 300EUR
    • 3 colors in one size (blue, black, red) – from 100EUR to 200EUR
    • Frames – wooden and aluminum
    • For more expensive and qualitative materials there is 1-2 weeks delivery time
    • There is no installation included



  • You can only choose from standard sizes. They might not cover the whole intended surface
  • Better materials cost more + waiting for the better whiteboard
  • You sometimes get discounts if buying wholesale
  • You rarely get additional accessories for cleaning and maintenance of your whiteboard


Is the whiteboard worth the same?
Whiteboard or Escreo – it’s up to you! Better price brings greater value!


Escreo Prices (in EUR)

  • Surfaces – 3 bundles – S, M, L (sq.m.) from 4 to 100 + sq.m.; when choosing M bundle you save 20%, and L bundle – 30%; price for S bundle – 32,45EUR/sq.m.
  • Add-on – satin, magnito – can combine when wanted – from 4,98EUR for satin to 14,95EUR for magnito
  • Shapes – classic (free) and custom – speech bubble 9,95EUR + sq.m. x 5EUR/ custom 14,95EUR + sq.m. x 5EUR
  • Frames – 3D, solid and decorative – prices don’t depend on the shape of your choice and has many options for colors – from 1,95EUR to 3,95EUR
  • Services – DIY after consulting with Escreo’s team of professionals or application from Escreo – for Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bucharest – depending on the size from 9,95EUR to 7,95EUR
  • Accessories – 6 bundles from 8,95EUR to 19,95EUR – they include everything that you might need for writing, cleaning and maintenance for your Escreo surface.



  • Fixed and transparent prices for every client
  • Flexibility and creativity in making your choice
  • Functionality for your space – you don’t lose interior space, you’re paying per sq.m.
  • Personal approach and professionalism when handling your space and project
  • Paint quality and prices – consistent
  • You don’t pay extra for colors – the palette is yours!
  • Bundles and services are for your convenience
  • Fast reaction in every situation
  • Long-term investment, which adds to your company’s image
  • Having the future and investment in Bulgarian products in mind!

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