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Choose the future!

Еscreo not only encourages free and easy communication but also helps you work more effectively with your colleagues.

The comparison with the Whiteboard is natural, but the innovative Escreo paint is created with one purpose – to become the whiteboard of a new generation.

This material aims to demonstrate and prove our benefits towards the traditional whiteboard.

We continue with Number 2 of the series

Short history of the office space


Nearly a century ago a mechanical engineer had an idea: to design factories and offices in a way that would maximize the workplace productivity. He described his vision as a human progress with the following words: “In the past the man has been first. In the future, the system must be first.”

From the creation of the first office spaces in the early twenties in America the atmosphere in the workplace has always followed the development of the human team. Its needs and demands are primary focus when it comes to technology and interior design.

Beginning with the first specious open spaces with specific furniture arrangement (Frederick Taylor’s philosophy) always facing the supervisor, 96 years later office managers are tearing down the cubicle walls again.  That way they can create a suitable place for open communication, teamwork and more creativity.

Whiteboard vs Escreo - choose your colors
Escreo’s colors are your colors!


Color Psychology


For the past 12 years, the research on color psychology has been cooperating with interior design to create the optimal color divided spaces, which complement different work activities for employees. The prime goal is only one – fully completed workflow.

The evolution of the office space is a fact, but some elements are still unable to keep pace with the modern times – white walls in offices, uniform spaces, dysfunctional furniture. The whiteboard is such an element without significant changes in nearly 50 years.


Short history of the Whiteboard


Let’s follow its independent development and what it offers nowadays:

  • Substitute of the black chalkboard
  • White color is its trademark (also known as the “destroyer of black”)
  • Different materials (depending on the needs and the wanted endurance from the client)
  • Smudging of surfaces after a specific period of time
  • There are theories, which conclude that the white color breaks focus and employees make more mistakes when placed in a white room


Innovation of Escreo


Color characteristics of Escreo:

  • You have the possibility to choose among thousands of colors (black and white are not colors, but the human eye can see another 5000 and Escreo offers them to you)
  • Our team can elaborate the color psychology in the office and help you design your space
  • You get colorful walls, tables, floors (and why not even ceilings for the more adventurous individuals?)
  • There is the matt layer option, which helps us project without gleam and reflection. You can now take pictures of your written thoughts and ideas using flashlight
  • Bio + paint = Escreo. Its formula is water-based with low VOC.
  • Endurance of the colors
  • Interior and procreative element in one – the color of the wall divides it from the whole space for a specific activity. And also allows you to draw, organize projects or leave fun messages for your colleagues
Choose Escreo now!

The multifunctionality of Escreo completes the demands of modern work teams towards office space, in which they develop, organize and create projects. The paint turns every surface into space for sharing and visualization of ideas. Escreo colors inspire innovation and affect the completion of different activities.

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