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Whiteboard vs Escreo

Choose the future!

Еscreo not only encourages free and easy communication, but also helps you work more effectively with your colleagues.

The comparison with the whiteboard is natural, but the innovative Escreo paint is created with one purpose – to become the whiteboard of a new generation.

This material aims to demonstrate and prove our benefits towards the traditional whiteboard.

We continue with Number 5 of the series


With Christmas at our doorstep, the gift purchasing euphoria is gaining momentum with increasing pace. While we all plan the upcoming purchases to our budget, we often tend to be a little more generous than usual. The reason lies not only in the festive spirit or the desire to please our loved ones. It’s also in the transience of gifts. In their one-time purchase type pf nature, at least until next year. We observe similar situations at birthdays and weddings. When we plan to spend money for something momentary, assessing the long-term perspective is often put aside. Think about how much more time it takes you to choose the right sofa for your living room or a set of kitchen knives than the anniversary gift for your friends, for example.


The right choice for the future
The right choice is always made with one eye towards the future


We find a similar situation with the office furniture. It takes good judgment and careful consideration before investing in technical or interior improvements. Although perceived as a standard solution, whiteboards can hardly be described as a good investment in the long run. Their surface is easily scratched and is highly susceptible to smudging even without use of permanent markers. The varnish cracks after long use. Even its placement causes permanent damage to your walls.

Doesn’t sound very pretty, does it? Fortunately, these problems can be easily avoided.


When choosing a whiteboard you’re in for a:


– Easily smudged surface when put to excessive use

– Risk of scratching the varnish cover

– Not guaranteed resistance to wet abrasion

– damage to the wall during the mounting


When selecting Escreo you get:


– Easy to clean surface

– A writing wall which requires no additional varnishing

– Wet scrub resistance

– A product that perfectly complements the interior and is easy to apply without any need for installation


Sustainability matters
Sustainability matters – choose wisely!

Escreo is an innovative paint which always lives up to be a successful investment. Interior decision which can only be advantages for your office when put in perspective. Leave the white board in the past. Let Escreo lead you in the future.


Why limit ourselves to the walls? Here are some other places you can apply our magical paint on.