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The harmony in each ecosystem depends on the amount of resources available and the way they’re utilizеd. The moment the needs are larger than the supply, the balance is disturbed. It’s crucial that all co-existing species don’t engage into an open battle for the resources in question. In this respect, the programmer rarely poses a threat to representatives of other species.

The active hours of the average specimen differ from those of the other occupants. It’s almost impossible to come upon a programmer in the office before midday. At the same time, that same person will readily remain in his workplace even after midnight, or at least until he is politely evicted by the building’s nightguard so that he doesn’t interfere with his midnight sleep. That way the developer hardly competes with anyone for resources such as caffeine, food and silence.


Initiate at your own risk
Initiate conversation at your own risk


You may be left the impression that programmers are unsociable. The impression is correct. While at work, the programmer only volunteer with other representatives of the species. In order for your communication experience to be successful, you need to earn the programmer’s favor outside work environment. Or bring him food. In goodwill, you could give him a pair of soundproof headphones that he would highly appreciate for certain.

Although calm at first sight, the average programmer is a peevish creature. Therefore you should be extremely careful when communicating with him. Don’t ask him questions that are out of the nature of his work. If your keyboard’s not working, go to a workshop. If you have forgotten your LinkedIn password, click the appropriate option in the settings. And if you have viruses… well, the programmer may be able to help you, but that’s not the question. Address him with respect, if possible – never.


A question awaits its answer
A question for generations to come


His natural enemy is the client. If you are such, use protective clothing and an intermediary.

A widespread opinion among amateur naturalists is that the programmer is arrogant. In this case we have a perfect example of a self-furfilling prophecy. In the animal kingdom programmers are often treated as demanding priests – the only ones who speak the language of gods like the Computer and the System. Therefore, putting them on a pedestal nurtures some sense of superiority. To make such behavior in the embryo, just acquire some basic knowledge in the field to get a little closer to their level. Who knows, maybe even befriends the office programmer.


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