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Unlike the species we have encountered so far, the PR (known in the animal kingdom of Southeast Europe as “public relations expert”) is one of the corporate jungle’s most sociable creatures. It has to be because its survival depends on it.

The species’ typical representative is aware of how difficult it is to reach the top of the food chain. That’s why it finds certain ways to navigate its floors. Today’s PR has two basic tactics for entering the ecosystem. The first one is that of a messenger. He prepares selective and structured information of the ecosystem’s current state and provides it to its neighbors. This is intertwined with its second function, that of a “decorator”. If you have been able to attract a qualified PR on your territory, then congratulations. You can be sure that in everyone’s eyes you’ll appear great, mysterious, noble, responsible, philanthropist and whatever else you desire in 300 words or less.

Alas, the main reason for the death of some members of the species is precisely the responsibility their function goes along with. The office PR is responsible for every brick someone throws through the CEO’s window. As well as for any comment on the internet, for every mocking shout in the streets. It is in these critical situations that the older specimens’ silver tongue comes to aid. They use influential and proven expressions with almost surgical precision in order to get out of  difficult situations. The most common are “taking responsibility”, “we assure you that”, “we are ready to oppose such kind of falsehood” and the most adaptable of them – “measures have been taken”.


It's all under control
It’s all under control, it’s all under control…


Although self-confident at first, deep down the PR is a gentle and sometimes dreaded creature. This is most evident in unpredictable natural phenomena as “constant public negativity”. When this occurs, the PR finds consolation only in the help of another corporate type’s representatives. We call them lawyers.

Remember, when communicating with PR be as honest, friendly and invisible as possible. They instantly appreciate, redesign and refine to the market’s needs everything you say to them. And never entrust them with your mocha. The typical PR will drink it without batting an eye and then assure you that he has not robbed you but instead stimulated you to help the economy by purchasing a new mocha. And he will succeed in it.


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