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In recent years copywriters expanded their habitat significantly. Some of its subspecies like “marketing”, “product” and “technology” are becoming an increasingly common sight in the corporate world’s wilderness. We are to meet with an extremely adaptable species, whom we can safely describe as “natural hygienist” – cleansing and supporting the well being of other species’ text resources.




Because of its vast subspecies diversity, the average copywriter has a wide range of features. However, there are a few that are fundamental to its behavior. The typical representative is welcoming and peaceful, but can often be reclusive. Especially when its interaction with other species is hosted mainly online. Nature made him communicative, but apparently forgot to adapt this quality to his speaking skills. Copywriters prefers to correspond in writing and perceive language as a top indicator of someone’s level of culture. For him, a misplaced comma is a great opportunity to politely but firmly emphasize the importance of his role in the corporate jungle.


Your grammar is better
To prove your grammar is superior – priceless


But the copywriter is a highly creative kind. A fact that (unfortunately) often eludes other animal species. In most cases they prefer a copywriter who has specialized his skills to perfection, but only in one business track – their. They would always choose the tested before the new. Such an attitude makes the copywriter accustomed to sedate, but monotonous life. In the long run that turns him into the equivalent of a nursing home resident – surrounded by utilities and assistants, but perceiving every leave of his comfort zone as an exotic trip. Oh, what happened to our youth when we had an interview breakfast and a product description for dinner…




The copywriter shares a few common traits with his fellow creator, the graphic designer. He feels the need of proving himself and receiving evaluation and feedback not only on the marketing but also on the purely creative aspect of his work. The key is to understand that you need to… understand.


To get along with your copywriter
Why is it fundamental to get along with your copywriter?


Copywriters will always be looking for a new approach in creating their texts even if their assignors don’t care for originality. The boss knows exactly who and what his readers are. The copywriter does not – everyone is a potential reader to him. So anyone who gets even a glimpse at his work must be impressed by the expression, the narrative and the witty wordplay he managed to put in 250 words about the advantages of boilers with thermostats. Ultimately almost every copywriter dreams of being a journalist or a writer. It is therefore important that his talent is spotted. No matter the price. Or the method.


Social behavior


The typical copywriter grows easily in the corporate jungle, without feeling the need to reach he top of the food pyramid. He is docile and non-threatening for the large carnivores. We observe aggression only against members of his own kind who somehow threaten to usurp his resources. Once such a risk is removed from the accounts, copywriter becomes a friendly and sociable creature who would gladly have discussed the specifics of the work with their own kind. As long as, in the end, it’s clear that his writing style is better.


To be first among equals
Or what it’s like to be first among equals



The copywriter grows easily in office environment. It feeds on inspiration, tea, coffee and soda beverages, but beware! There is significant danger to fall into the trap of “the cactus effect” – you think you have watered it two days ago and before you know it your pot is wintering on the balcony and currently houses only a ruined plant with spines. Take care of your copywriters and don’t let them fall into monotony.


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