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As we all wait out the pandemic, there’s no doubt that lockdown takes its toll in different ways for different people. In fact, half of the UK population have felt anxious or worried in the past two weeks, according to the British Office of National statistics – a trend which is likely reflected all over the world.

If you’re experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and stress through isolation fatigue, exploring your creative side may just be the tool to help. Besides helping you relax and have fun, being creative in diverse ways uses different parts of the brain and allows you to communicate in non-verbal and enjoyable ways.

At ESCREO, we’re all about creativity so we thought we’d take a closer look at how it can help you during these tough times, and what you can try. Ready? Let’s go!

 How creativity helps

Letting your imagination loose can help you deal with COVID-19 stresses in many different ways.

Reduces stress – Being creative has a biological effect on the body. A study by the American Art Therapy Association placed 40 people in a creative workshop and discovered that about 75% of them (no matter their creative ability) experienced a decrease in their levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Reduces Anxiety – As well as reducing stress hormones, being creative also increases levels of dopamine and other calming biochemical reactions. It also helps to temporarily distract the mind from worries and can have meditative benefits.

It gives you balance – Life is not all about practical, serious things at all time. Sometimes, letting your creative juices flow is really fun, helping to balance normal day to day life. Let yourself loose, be silly and enjoy the ride!

Meditation – As mentioned above, when you engage a different part of your mind, you’ll find complete focus in what you do. By experiencing this kind of focus, you’ll tap into the same wellbeing benefits that meditation brings.

It feels productive – Whether you’re drawing a doodle or completing your to-do list, being creative feels satisfying in the same way that work does. By completing a task or having fun, you’ll feel that your time was well-spent and productive.

Get creative with ESCREO

If you want to give it a go, there’s no better way than with ESCREO Whiteboard Paints. By letting you literally write or draw on the wall, you can get creative whenever you feel like it in an entertaining and unusual way. For instance, you can:

DECORATE those white walls and let colours run wild alongside your imagination. Draw a forest, a seaside or just go crazy with some abstract and varied colours. And then, when you fancy a change, simply wipe it off and try something new. Why not do a different scene every week to keep things fresh?

WRITE productivity checklists to help you keep track of your to-do list and maintain that all-important sense of productivity. Whether it’s a shopping list, cleaning rotor or simply a personal set of goals, you can keep track of them all on your wall.

DOODLE your feelings, whatever they might be. Draw patterns, people, animals, shapes or whatever else catches your fancy. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a doodle, so go ahead and express yourself in the way that feels best.

PLAY games with friends and family to help pass the time and bring everyone together. For instance, Pictionary is always a great choice, or you can just invent your own! There are no rules here…

SCHEDULE various productivity times and dates so that you can keep track of the bigger picture. Why not draw out a fun calendar and mark it every day with planned activities, chores and reminders?

Dry erase desk

CREATE whatever you want. Sometimes you won’t want to do anything more than just scribble. Do whatever comes to mind, whenever it pops up. Creativity is all about expression, so when you feel like you need to do something different, grab your marker pen and get to work.

Kids room with magnetic paint

Set your mind free

By painting your walls with ESCREO whiteboard paint, you can help to reduce your stress and anxiety. With easy, hassle-free application and cleaning, you can have your walls ready to write on in no time. You can even use our magnetic whiteboard paint to attach magnets and other objects, so there’s no limit to what you can do.

Got kids? We’ve got you covered. Here are some activities for children during lockdown to help makes lockdown even easier.

That’s it from us for now, but check back soon. Stay safe, and stay creative!