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Trixir improves office collaboration with ESCREO’s whiteboard paint

trixir escreo

Trixir, a company focused on training company employees in cyber-security and privacy, is a perfect example of how ESCREO’s dry erase paint solutions can help your company improve productivity, collaboration and creativity, while having a personalized and unique office interior design.

Currently, Trixir’s team consists of almost 30 hard working employees, including a dozen programmers, three designers, two screenwriters, an artist, four wall plants and two coffee machines. They all contribute to one goal – creating a quality and intriguing game to train company employees in cyber-security, privacy, or fund management practices. A product that requires literally everyday meetings in four (or more) eyes. That means – double work for coffee machines.

The meetings in question are held in one of the three meeting rooms and often last for hours. There are three essential things in each of them – a camera, microphone, few uncomfortable chairs and an Escreo wall accompanied by constantly changing markers.

trixir escreo

Let’s start with the most logical question – why Escreo whiteboard paint and not whiteboards? First of all – the peculiarities of the office terrain. To date, Trixir has been occupying their office for less than a year, the first few months of which have undergone extensive replacement of joinery, wiring, and removal of entire walls. It may not sound like something special, but if we take into account the age of the building and the enormous amount of support that is better left alone, saving another installation is welcome. It is here that the whiteboard paint is a handy alternative to the regular whiteboards. (We’ve looked at the comparison between typical whiteboard and whiteboard paint. Read about the differences, benefits & costs in our article Whiteboard paint vs. traditional whiteboards.)

trixir escreo

The other reason is personalization. As soon as you enter the office, you will notice that the walls are covered with posters and drawings, displaying the principles and objectives of the company. And though some of them follow the colors and stylistics of the brand, they all have nothing on the amazing writing surfaces. Elegant, complementary to the lines of the interior and embellished with the company logo, the frames provide the necessary finish without which the surfaces would look naked and “patched”.

And some of the more funny frames – like Packman and Nyan Cat – add a pinch of humor in the work environment.

But beauty is just for the eyes. The real contribution of the whiteboard walls is manifested during the aforementioned workshops. Plans, tables, and brainstorming sessions with which the team tirelessly fills the Escreo surfaces are often so stretched that even three square feet in the main hall are proving to be narrow to their ambitions. Getting to the marker and writing down the meeting plan before the colleagues arrive has become a natural reflex for them.

trixir escreo

The “point system” is also a tribute to the team. When it comes to voting, which is the next project (that happens all the time, believe us), it is extremely easy and fast for everyone to grab a marker and draw a point on the task he thinks deserves the collective attention. The alternative – exchanging emails – is slow, clumsy and distracting.

An additional plus is that when the prepared images and notes are not enough to portray an idea, it is easier for the team to stand in front of the wall and share it in real time. The “masterpiece” they create together may not be crystal clear, but nothing prevents them from wiping out the unnecessary and starting over.

We will not be surprised if the walls soon become not enough for them. But on the other hand, is there such a thing as enough room for ideas?

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