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While we were finishing what was left of the festive meals and were throwing out the champagne bottles, 2017th crept swiftly behind our backs. We exchanged greetings, enjoyed the fireworks and it’s time to go back into action. It’s just that we are so… tired! Let’s face it – it’s hard to come back in the office while Christmas decorations still occupy our homes. People around the world have even harnessed this specific feeling and turned it into a celebration. Today we celebrate Festival of Sleep and is dedicated to all who want to steal another day of rest to recover from all the festivities.

We won’t deny that sleep is the best medicine for a weary mind. But not everyone can afford such a luxury. So we’ll have to combine those moments of relaxation with our work obligations. We’ve come up several ways in which this can happen. Ten, to be accurate. Here they are.

1. Go earlier to work

Not every morning, of course. Choose one day of the week in which to leave home earlier. That way you’ll avoid the tiresome waiting at inevitable traffic jams and the public transport hustle. Arrive earlier at the office and enjoy a few minutes of solitude and silence. Then plan your day peacefully and without tension. Put your working time in a smooth and efficient rhythm, thus ensuing that your rest back at home will also seem sweeter.

Start your day with a clean mind
Start your day with a clean mind and ready to face all challenes

2. Breathe

As simple as it sounds, correct and deep breathing is the first and most basic step towards stress release. Most of us breathe shallow without even realizing it. It often accompanies conditions like anxiety, stress and even panic attacks. Spend a few minutes each day to practice deep breathing. This technique is often associated with meditation, but this is not necessary to resort to it. Find a quiet place (or just lay back in your chair), closed your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale slowly through your nose and take deep gulps to fill your entire body. Repeat for no more than 2-3 minutes. Then assure your boss that you aren’t asleep and get back to work refreshed.

3. Pour yourself a cup of tea

No wonder the English always seem so calm (and a little bit cold, but that must be the weather). White and green tea are powerful weapons in the fight against stress and fatigue. While the former is made from the plant’s leaves, for the other we use the buds. Both are full of antioxidants that are actively struggling with stress on multiple levels. Leave coffee to cope with morning fatigue and make room for tea in your afternoon menu. This beverage’s benefits were known to the Eastern world for thousands of years. It’s time for us to catch up with it.

Add mint
Add mint to make your drink extra refreshing

 4. Sweeten your day

Those of you who have read the Harry Potter books perhaps remember how the school nurse Madame Pomfrey commonly prescribed chocolate to sick students. Dark chocolate regulates the stress levels hormone cortisol and stabilizes metabolism. Then we have honey, a natural antibiotic that fight depression and anxiety. Even chewing gum is a quick and effective way to reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. Run a five minute break and choose your sweet temptation. If you find a well-equipped shop near your office, buy yourself… a mango. The linalool in it reduces stress levels. Besides, the fruit is delicious.

5. Arrange your desk

Don’t give me that look! You were looking for a fresh start, right? Well, now is the time. Cluttered workplace distracts the mind and creates visual pollution, which further increases the levels of stress and fatigue. Even the smallest object caught in your sight engages your brain in processing the information it submits. Spend 15 minutes a week to put your desk and desktop in order. This will provide space not only for the mind but also for the body. In addition, you’ll have a great excuse to diversify your workflow rhythm a little.

Add Escreo for better organization
Add Escreo to organize your daily tasks better

6. Walk around

I have a colleague who’s made a habit of walking a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. Even if this figure seems too big, sitting too long in front of the computer tires both your body and your mind. Here’s where daily walks come to the rescue. You don’t even have to go out in the open – put your earphones on and stretch your legs inside the office building. Be alone with yourself and your thoughts. It’s even better if there’s a nearby park or a small garden. It’s scientifically proven that sunlight makes us happy. Open spaces bring back our sense of perspective that we lose when deepening in our job. So get up from that chair and get started with little active rest to recharge your mind and body.

Movement is life
Movement is life. Enjoy it!

7. Daydream

Are you familiar with creative visualization? Most of us know it simply as daydreaming. Lean on your elbows and let your mind roam freely for five minutes. Climb snow-capped peaks in the mountains. Save the city with your incredible superpowers. Or imagine the delicious dinner you’ll cook at home. But don’t wander off too much. As much as we hate to remind it, you’re still at work.

8. Pour cold water on yourself

No, wait, not over your whole body! Now let go of the bucket and get back in the restroom. Turn the faucet and flush ONLY your wrists with cold water. Some major arteries pass under the skin there and cooling them helps calm the whole body. If this doesn’t work, fill your hands and boldly splash it all over your face. We guarantee that this will banish any fatigue. Just be careful not to put a cold on its place.

Water's good not only for drinking
Water’s good not only for drinking when you’re at work

9. Laugh

Laughter is healthy. A small dose of unrestrained giggles several times a day improves blood flow and helps the immune system. Moreover, it is impossible to feel tired if you laugh from the heart. Search for a funny video in YouTube, share a cheerful story with friends, read a joke. Distract your mind from the tasks you’ve buried it under for the past few hours. And share your fun discovery with colleagues so they don’t look at you laughing hysterically in your chair and think you’ve lost it.

10. Use Escreo

The effectiveness of this technique we can guarantee personally. Use your Escreo wall to play a short game of hangman with your colleagues. Grab some markers and start drawing at will. Our mission is to help you express and share your ideas at will but that doesn’t mean you can’t use our magic paint for your own entertainment. But do not overdo it – leave some room for your colleagues as well.

Wash the stress away
Wash the stress away with Escreo

Soon the whole Christmas thing will be behind us and again we’ll be able to switch entirely to operating frequency (only until Friday, of course). Until then, take advantage of these 10 tricks for a quick rest to make the transition as smooth as possible. And one last tip – don’t try all of them at once. In order not to prove finally that we have not done any work.

Time to do some work. Here’s how we can help with its organization.