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This spring we’re eager to start out our spring themed office renovations.

The mesmerizing aroma of the nearby cherry blossoms helped shift our mood and leave winter in the past. We know that there are going to be at least a couple more chilly weeks ahead before the good weather finally arrives at our doorstep. We can’t say that we’re awaiting those rainy spring cyclones with as much enthusiasm as spring itself but we’re determined to make the best out of it. We’re going to start with a few renovations to set the mood. So pull up your sleeves, get your tools in place and get ready to spark your creativity with these six jolly office renovation ideas.

Spruce Up Your Desk with a Vase of Seasonal Blooms

Bring a little bit of spring to your office desk with a nice bouquet of flowers. There’s nothing else that says Spring better than a vase of blooms. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips are a classical choice but flowers can range from anything like extravagantly calls to traditional bluebells. If you or some of your colleagues are allergic to specific pollen make sure to pick an allergy-friendly type. Carnations, hydrangeas and roses are a great choice along with the above-mentioned ones, but you should be wary of flowers with strong aroma and pollen. Alternatively, you could get peony flowers or make a few yourself and decorate the office with them.

Prepare For The Spring Rain

The spring equinox brings a lot of warm days but along also comes the rain. In most regions, spring is the season with the highest amount of rain per square meter. It’s always good to be ready for heavy rain. Start simple by getting a set office umbrellas that your colleagues and employees can use whenever they forget their personal ones. Besides making a nice gesture for your team you’ll also need to make sure that that you won’t fall victim to flooding so check the gutters for any clogging and damage. Rain is also a well-known reason for moodiness so make sure you have a nice playlist ready for those days.

Spring is The Best Time To Go Green

What better time is there to start thinking ahead about nature preservation than the very own season of life? There are a number of ways you can go green in the office. For example, you can reduce the use of paper in the office and even go completely paperless by working directly in the cloud. You can use only non-toxic chemicals for cleaning. You can ditch the old plastic whiteboard and create a brand new ESCREO wall, which is completely eco-friendly, by the way, and even switch your whiteboard markers with water-based ones. For more great ideas on how to make your office greener, check out our article.

Spring-Clean The Office

There’s something quite rejuvenating in wiping all the dust away and making room for new fun decorations and memories on your desk. While the heavy-duty cleaning work can surely be left to the professionals. Minor workspace spruce up would definitely do no harm, even more, so it’s likely to bring your team that special mood boost they need to get ahead of their game. Let your employees have some time during work hours when they can clean up their work area and decorate for the new season. You can also organize a competition for the best spring decorated desk and turn the activity into a fun team building event that’ll keep the mood up.

Organize Exclusive Training and Company Events

Spring is a time of change and as such, it brings many new challenges for both employers and employees. Change can be either good or bad depending on the situation but what research has found is that most employees choose mainly spring out of all other seasons to make a job switch. This is why Spring is the ideal time to remind your employees that they are valued and there are many exciting projects ahead for them. One thing you can do is organize special training according to the needs and interest of your employee. You can also increase the frequency of team building events, encourage creativity on your ESCREO walls and surfaces, provide special bonuses for outstanding employees or get your team free passes for cool conferences in your niche.

Make the office feel like home

Finally, Spring is all about giving the space that special spark that makes it feel more like home than an ordinary place. To do so, you need to get your creative juices flowing and think of ways you can make your employees want to never leave the office. Figuratively speaking, of course. You can bring in a couple of office goodies like a basket fresh fruits and vegetables, get some new carpets and create casual Friday or a home slippers day ( yes, that’s a thing ). You can also invest in some free company pens and markers, get your team some coupons for entertainment venues and even organize a movies night or board game night or an office cocktail party with open bar.