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Author: Diana Teofilova


Being responsible for managing relationships with current and potential company partners guarantees you a lot of interesting and dynamic days for you to meet lots of creative and responsible people. In my case we’re talking about architects, designers, facility managers, contractors and project managers in general.


No time off


Every day is a workday for me, as most projects are moving beyond office hours. I always have my phone in my pocket in order to be online and ready to provide information, start a project or accept an order. At the same time I prepare bids, contracts and invoices, accept orders, negotiate parameters, monitor the correct preparation of all projects and maintain contact with the client.

Working as a partnership manager is extremely interesting and makes me curious about everything that happens on the market. New projects, buildings, products and customers are constantly abuzz in my head.


All new meeting wait around the corner
There’s always a new meeting waiting around the corner


The first thing I do in the morning is answering all pending emails and sending multiple offers. I also make a few call while struggling with traffic. I get to the office, sit behind the desk and look at the wall behind me. The whole surface is covered with notes from yesterday (something that Escreo is super useful for) and I fill the gaps with today’s challenges. Targets, strategies, tips and forbidings are sitting on the wall as a constant reminder of my priorities.


Time for work


Next on the list are the meetings. I go on lots of them, but I also love it when a client or a partner comes to us in the office where the walls are entirely covered with Escreo. We have used a variety of fresh and motivating colors that everyone can test and personally experience our magic paint’s quality and benefits! People have at it without a clue how cool it could actually be. They start writing, doodling, leave messages for us. I really like how our magnetic base astonishes them. Just like when they notice that we’ve covered our bar with transparent paint as well. And start drawing on it.

I also go to events quite often. That gives me the opportunity to meet new people from different industries an be on the same page as them. There is always a common future project or idea how Escreo can be useful. I particularly like our more social projects, which have intensified in recent months – educational centers, schools and universities. We help teachers offer something new and innovative to keep children’s interest in the classroom.


Children really enjoy Escreo
Children are always fond of Escreo


In Escreo, work is not a small one and is constantly increasing. More and more people understand about us, support us, recommend us, are happy with the benefits and the innovative solution we offer. Whether it’s about building a work team or creating a more enjoyable home environment – Escreo can always be helpful.

Our team is growing and we’re running out of walls! Everyone writes down his plans, strategies and prohects, draws for inspiration or shares something funny with the team. The more Escreo there is, the better!


Escreo can optimize your work day as well. Choose your colour and turn your wall into an idea-sharing space!