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Athletes are lucky.

Their “daily business routine” contains serious physical activity that keeps their bodies (and minds) in shape. Not to mention the chance of doing it outside. It’s even easier to envy them when you’re nailed to your desk 8 hours a day.

But can we expect more? Interior innovations continue to evolve and office furniture id not neglected. Let’s see what’s the imprint they left on the desk and what they have in store for it in the future.


The law of evolution


Have a look at the last decades of the last century and the office environment we had then. No significant change, right? Now let us focus on the past five years. What happened to fax machines? Or alphabetical phone books? Once we needed a dozen tools just to do our daily work. Our desks were jammed with staplers, notebooks, tape rolls, landline telephones and sticky notes. Today it’s all combined. We need only a laptop, a phone and a pair of headphones to isolate the colleagues with when they become especially noisy. Even rolodexes are kept for prestige rather than actual usage.


All the tools we need on the desk
That’s all the tools we need today


It’s stunning what changes the office desk had undergone over the past 30 years. Reducing the accessory devices and increasing free space are only the first steps.


Atlas rises


Spending eight hours a day sitting harms you more than lying still or being on foot. Every day we say: “From today I will be more active. I will take short breaks and walk around the office. I will take care of my body.” It’s like listening to a smoker preaching his willingness to give up cigarettes. But as Mark Twain said: “The easiest thing to do is quit smoking, I’ve done it over a thousand times.” Whether you forget or are just lazy, the promises you make to yourself remain unfulfilled.

Fortunately, the solution is already here. Standing desks are gaining popularity in 2016 and found their way to even more offices nowadays (including our own). You no longer have to expose yourself to cold weather in order to change your posture for a bit. Just adjust your desk height and get back to work.


For the shortest and the tallest
Made for the shortest as well as for the tallest among us


Mobility is a plus. The space it occupies is designed to house only the most necessary – computer, phone, notebook and cup of coffee. We admit that such a solution is not suitable for architects and engineers, but it covers the needs of most office employees.


Back to the roots


However, a change rises on the horizon. Or at least a serious prospect of one. There are still a few things that can’t be fully replaced by computers. Your family photos hanging on the wall, for example. Or an organizer to hold your pens and office keys in. Most of these things are connected with the predicted return of glass walls in the office.

According to KLEIN, interior glass walls increase employee productivity while maintaining a sense of privacy. Of course, we tend to question the nature of it. Nobody likes to feel like a prisoner whose jailer may see what he’s doing at any time. A problem shared by coworking spaces. Everyone wants to be the master of his own office and not feel guilty when he takes a five to watch a funny video on Youtube.


We'll keep it a secret form your boss
Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss



Contemporary Swiss Army knife


One thing is certain – the future needs office desk to combine multiple functions into one. Among the current prototypes are embedded devices to wirelessly charge your phone, being recognised by your devices as soon as you sit in front of them and even a whole portable desk. Escreo also considers to be part of the upcoming change. Remember that our magic paint is perfectly suited for coating furniture. You no longer need to sink into a mess of sticky notes – all your writings can find their place on the space around you.

From now on only the future will judge these innovations’ usefulness. We just have to keep supporting them.


If you’re like us and still prefer books on paper and not on your screen, here are our suggestions for useful office readings.