In a few weeks, what was troubling news – the spread of COVID-19 – became everybody’s business. The world transformed and now people have to do what they have proven to excel at in times of survival – they have to adapt.

For many of us, that means working from home – and what was once something of a treat is now becoming a real test of resourcefulness and productivity. As a freelance introvert may say, “people’s new hype, is my daily life”.

The ESCREO team is always up for the challenge to find a creative solution when our backs are pressed against the wall – so we created a solution out of that very wall to make work from home more productive.

Here’s how you can make the most out of it all:

avoid routine monotony to make work from home more productive

Positive thinking

In times like this, it’s easy to fall into a mood, or feel shut off from the outside world. So, before we get further into things, let’s just take a few moments to appreciate our new-found perks.

For one, you’re probably getting a little more time in bed in the mornings – or, if you’re a morning person, you can do things completely on your own terms. Also, it’s your environment, so you can do anything you want. Prefer music? Crank it up. Want silence? Make it so. Now’s your time to read, build, learn, create and improve. These are unique times.

10 commandments


  1. Do not blend home and work life. Instead, create a work “station” area.
  2. Declutter your work space by keeping only what you need.
  3. Make sure you have a consistent and good internet service provider.
  4. Change into clothes that aren’t pyjamas, as they give a feel of leisure and won’t help you get productive.
  5. Create a schedule of working hours and stick to them. Work during your most productive hours. And don’t forget to take breaks.
  6. Keep track of and manage time-sensitive activities.
  7. Create daily to-do lists by ranking priorities.
  8. Log-out of all “a click-away” social media distraction, unless your work requires access to the platforms.
  9. Use technology to stay connected.
  10. Make sure your acoustics are in tune. Match music to the task at hand.

How ESCREO helps

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. Or get some tequila. Look around you, and what do you see? Walls.

Let’s make use of them.

Historically, handwriting has proven to be more than a simple hand gesture. Written communication has played a central role in the dissemination and preservation of cultures and concepts. This simple motor skill, as if unleashes all our hidden creative energies.

And while handwriting may be associated with a pen and paper. In times when we need to take care of our environment and less paper is better, ESCREO provides a superb solution – the dry erase paint.

Use your walls to boost your creativity and that of your children. Imagine a wall that separates your home office space with that of your children’s room, helping both of you make the most out of yet another day at home. You don’t have to imagine. All you have to do is paint both sides of that wall with ESCREO. Get your work planned and visible, so it keeps you on track, while your children stay busy by drawing and exploring on the other side.

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Other ESCREO uses for home productivity

You’d be surprised at the things ESCREO can bring to your home. Let’s look at a few more examples:

Virtual teaching made easy

With schools being locked down, classes have transitioned to the digital world. So, if you are an educator, you’ll love having a writing space behind your back to facilitate the teaching process.

Online meetings and brainstorming

Today, even the most corporate devotees need to adapt to the freelancer’s style of working. Having an ESCREO wall at home can also help during online meetings, while brainstorming ideas on how to cope with the current situation in an effective way. It makes work from home more productive. It is not a real brainstorming session if you don’t write it down, is it?

Housework and home living

Working from home can be hard if suddenly you try to multitask with housework. You may end up accomplishing neither. An ESCREO wall can help you with managing that. A wall in the kitchen will come in handy to write recipes and groceries lists to optimise your tasks and save you time in wondering.

Stay sane, stay on schedule

If you schedule regular breaks from work, you can have mini 5 to 10-minute house tasks written on a wall. Use them to get both moving and something useful done. Thus, at the end of the working day you will have time to rest and spend it with your loved ones, rather than doing the house work.

kids writing on ESCREO while parents work from home more productive

Stay productive. Stay safe. Make work from home more productive.

So that’s it from us, for now. We’ll be back soon with more ideas on how to make the most of your time at the home office. Until then, stay safe, stay clean and look out for each other.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

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