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It’s spooky how much time flies, but what’s even spookier is not being ready for Halloween! While it’s easy to be prepared for the heavy hitters such as Christmas and New Year, Halloween always seems to sneak up on us – and if you’re the type who likes to have a bit of fun this time of year, getting your home ready at the last minute can be a little stressful. That’s why a couple of Halloween decoration ideas are always welcome.

We’re big fans of Halloween at ESCREO as it gives people and businesses the chance to be creative and have fun with their surroundings and communications. If you’re in a pinch and are looking to put together some Halloween ‘cheer’, here are some things you can do quickly and easily.

Why has Halloween become so popular?

The spooky holiday that we all know and love is very different from where its beginnings are believed to have formed. Historians believe that the holiday began as the Celtic festival of Samhain thousands of years ago. Originally celebrated on the first of November, it signaled the end of summer’s harvest and the beginning of the colder and darker days.

Today is a lot different. When we think of Halloween, we think of parties, decorations, scary movies and fun! And these are the reasons the season has never been more popular. And, although it has mostly been a Western thing, Halloween is more popular than ever across the world.

As a social holiday, Halloween kids and adults of all ages get the chance to get together and have fun during what is generally the gloomiest time of the year. And, if you’re the creative type, well, it gets even better.

How to decorate your walls with home item

Let’s face it: Halloween is hardly the most environmental time of year. If you prefer to do things a little more affordably and environmentally, decorating your walls for Halloween can be surprisingly easy. Here are a few ideas:

Trash bag webs – Everybody has bin bags around their house, and the good news is that they are super cheap and probably in a draw somewhere. All you need is some tape and scissors and you can cut out some stringy and spooky-looking spiderwebs to hang off walls and ceilings.

Bedsheet ghosts – If you have any old white sheets you’ve not used for years, the time has come! Just like with the trashbags, you can cut out some pretty impressive apparitions to hang off walls. There are plenty of guides online which can show you how to trace the right outlines and cut out a great ghost. You can also stuff them to make them more ‘3D’.

Milk jug skeletons – Milk containers can come in useful when it comes to making sustainable Halloween decor. Save your old milk jugs and turn them into skeletons with string, scissors, a craft knife, glue and a hole punch. 

Halloween must-haves

Everyone has their own traditions, but there are a few things that are more or less mandatory! These are:

  • Spooky pumpkins and carvings
  • Candy for all the trick and treaters
  • Spooky movies (family-friendly for younger kids)
  • A few plays of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’
  • Witches’ hats to wear at home

Halloween with ESCREO

Halloween is a fantastic opportunity for just about anyone to put their creative thinking to use and have some fun. Our writable paint is super-easy to apply and will let you enhance your home or office in unexpected, environmental and imaginative ways. Here are a few ideas:

Stencils for success – The beauty of a writeable wall is that you can treat it just like you would a piece of paper! You can find loads of spooky stencils online in the shapes of your favorite Halloween motifs such as bats, witches, skeletons, monsters and more. Just put the stencil up against your writable wall, pick your colors and off you go!

Ghostly messages – Rewrite some gothic poetry, quotes from horror movies or even leave messages from the (friendly) ghosts in your house! Guests will get a real kick out of seeing text written by the supernatural occupants of your home.

Gruesome games – Put darker twists on classic paper-based games to play with friends and family. For instance, you can play tic tac toe, replacing your circles and crosses with skulls or bats. And then you have a hangman of course!

Drawing competitions – If stencils aren’t your thing, do some free-hand drawing instead! Pull Halloween icons out of a hat and challenge friends and family to draw what they pick out You can even add modifiers where they can’t use reference images or even have to try doing it with eyes closed!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your imagination has no limits and ESCREO is here to make your Halloween celebration one to remember.

Writable walls are a fantastic and cost-effective way to decorate your walls for Halloween – and indeed any celebrations around the year. Not only will this help you cut down on ‘decoration waste’, but it will give you more control over what you display, which can lead to some rather stylish décor solutions.

Find out more ideas on how you can use our writable whiteboard paint to turn your home into a writable wonderland.