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Over the last two years, the dynamics of the home and workplace have changed in the wake of the pandemic, where interior design trends have evolved to accommodate the so-called ‘new normal’. The rise of the home office and necessity of social distancing has highlighted the need for an environment that is both comfortable and functional.

These new design trends will continue into 2022, with a few new flavours coming into play. So, what are the trends that we have seen over the last year, which ones will carry over into next year? And, what part does functional whiteboard paint play? Let’s take a look.

How the pandemic has changed interior design

In the time before the pandemic, we all lived fast and busy lives and didn’t spend as much time at home as we are now. But, now that we are spending more time than ever indoors, we have had to find new ways to interact with the space around us to reshape where we work, sleep, relax and even exercise. This new home-centred lifestyle has resulted in some new design trends, and strengthened some which have been in the pipeline for some time.

Transforming living spaces

After so much time, working from the kitchen table or makeshift home offices is no longer particularly feasible. Moving towards hybrid working and living is creating zones within the home, where we can feel a sense of normality during these extraordinary times. There is now a need to create a good balance between both function and form to maintain productivity while feeling comfortable and not boxed in.

A major element of this is the furniture people will be buying with items such as ergonomic chairs, smart storage options, bigger desks and more natural lighting. And, with writable paint, that hybridisation of form and function can be achieved with ease.

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Bringing the outside, inside

A design trend that is rapidly gaining momentum is the concept of nature-inspired design, with more natural and green tones being employed in interiors. More wooden furniture and décor, as well as plants give us a subtle sense of being outside during the long hours at home or in the workplace.

In terms of colour psychology, greys, greens and browns emit feelings of relaxation and warmth, fitting into both winter and summer seasons.


Although this is not a new trend as such, it will most certainly continue through to 2022 and beyond. Having clean lines, simplicity and an uncluttered environment can help with focus and will reduce the feeling of being boxed in during the long days. However, this is not to mean that you can’t inject some personality to avoid a feeling of emptiness or repetitiveness.

Minimalism is all about creating spaces that look and feel good, helping occupants to feel relaxed and comfortable while remaining productive, alert, and able to function.

Sustainable living

Sustainability and use of natural materials have risen in prominence over the last few years, and with the increased exposure of climate change news, sustainability will continue to be a popular design trend in 2022.

From furniture made from reclaimed wood and household objects from recycled metal and glass, environmentally responsible living and working has never been easier. By using more sustainable materials and incorporating more plant life into the home, the visual impact will foster feelings of warmth, texture and positive mindsets.

Bring on the blue

Dulux have named a light blue known as ‘Bright Skies’ as their colour of the year for 2022, with a shade that they say promotes restfulness and peace. This means that it will be a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. By connecting us to oceans and blue skies, blues are a good balance between liveliness and calmness without being too plain or heavy handed.

Blues also perfectly blend with the nature-inspired colours that we mentioned above and also work well with furniture and your home accessories.

Antiques and retro

In the name of sustainability and style, antiques are coming more into fashion – even in modern homes. The new focus on the environment and the millennials’ focus on social issues, antiques are going to be a strong trend in 2022. From dressers and coffee tables through to bedroom décor and living spaces, having furniture that tells a story, looks good and is environmentally friendly is a very attractive proposition.

Retro aesthetics are also rising in prominence, where nostalgia for yesteryear and the concept of ‘better times’ brings comfort during the modern day. From extravagant and colourful furniture pieces to brighter and bolder colours made of yellows, greens and blues, the retro aesthetic will breathe life into any home or workplace.

Form and function with whiteboard paint

In the continued strive towards equilibrium between form and function, writable whiteboard paint is a fantastic tool. No matter what your interior design choices are, having writable surfaces can transform any room while still keeping the overall approach and aesthetic.

Imagine using white whiteboard paint in working areas or your kitchen to make lists and keep yourself organised, or clear whiteboard paint on your colourful walls for that extra touch. Or, if you want to pin up pictures, notes and decorations, magnetic whiteboard paint is there to do the job.

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