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They say that the white page gathers more ideas. Alas, this colour rarely has the same qualities when it comes to walls. It would be truly a sin to have such a space to decorate and paint entirely on your own and not take advantage of it. Unless your taste tends to reach to the hospital green. In which case we recommend that you leave the brush gently in order not to apply some lasting damage to your beloved office.

But just as every writer has an editor, any fledgling artist-painter has to set some limits. Or, in other words – to know where and what colours to use and what to avoid in order to achieve the desired interior composition.

How to choose our office colors?
Green, yellow, blue… How do we choose?

Before we continue, we will impose an iron rule – leave the ceiling alone. Whatever creative exertions will head to the walls, and transfer them over your head is rarely a good solution. Even when it comes to possible soft, warm and pale colours. The white ceiling will not only soften the overall composition of the room, but will bring famous and space in it. “The rule” applies with double force for rooms with little or no windows.

But let us not grow you weary with words. Meet our infographic that easily and suitably shows you how to combine the office colours.

The full content of the infographic can be read via this link: infographic-en


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Infographic: Alexander Kulbov