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Together with Decor Floor, we are expanding on the Romanian market

At ESCREO, we always seek new challenges. We said `yes` to revolutionizing the way we write on the walls. We said `yes` to founding the first dry-erase paint factory in Bulgaria and accepted the challenge to extend outside our country. This is how ESCREO paint is being used today in UK, Germany, USA and Romania.

We are delighted to announce that our expansion on the Romanian market is going really well. The clients’ feedback is positive and the interest of the Romanian people in our products is continuously growing. In order to reach the success that we aim, it is essential to maintain a close collaboration with our Romanian partners. This is why we have started a long-lasting partnership with Decor Floor, regional leader for commercial and housing floors.

This is how Decor Floor has become the official ESCREO partner in Romania. Their partner network has now access to our whole range of whiteboard paint products, to bring colour and dynamism to any plane surface in their space.

The multiple applications of ESCREO paint, available for Romanian companies

Whiteboard paint is a product which fundamentally changes the design of any office space. It can be applied on the doors, walls, furniture, ceiling or any other plane surface, merges beauty and usefulness. We can use ESCREO paint both at surface decoration and turning it into a whiteboard, to write down all our ideas.

Just like that we transform the walls into whiteboards or magnetic boards. We can keep their colour with transparent paint or change it with white or colourful paint. The employees can write, draw and erase easily the ESCREO painted surfaces, using a felt-tip pen or marker and a dry sponge.

ESCREO has won the trust of many companies in Romania such as Ubisoft, Vodafone, Cert Sign, ING, TBI Bank, Petrom, PWC and many others.

The partnership with Decor Floor: a new beginning for ESCREO in Romania

ESCREO whiteboard paint is an important part of the interior design process. It is easy to apply it and remove it from any plane surface. For private or public workspaces, we recommend that the choice for the right option to be made after consulting a specialist in interior design.

Decor Floor Romania was founded 12 years ago as a project of Decor Floor Hungary Company. At that time, client demands were on the rise. Therefore, Decor Floor brought in Romania the experience acquired when working with mature markets, which helped them rise up to their clients’ standards and expectations.

The company gained trust of local companies and corporations and obtained a high increase in revenue every year. In 2016, they successfully achieved important objectives such as inauguration of a new showroom in Cluj-Napoca and launching Decor Floor Bulgaria.

Since the beginning of the company, Decor Floor employees considered that performance in business can be achieved not only through qualitative services and products but also a strong relation with partners, both customers and suppliers. This is another reason for which the partnership with ESCREO was born.

Through our collaboration, we will be close to our partners and available for every project. We are honoured to be included in Decor Floor product portfolio, along with other products in compliance with environmental policies such as carpets, PVC, ceramic tiles, raised access floor systems, ventilated building fronts and ceiling systems.

United by the same passion for challenges

We firmly believe that a long-lasting partnership needs to be based on a shared vision and similar passions. The collaboration between ESCREO and Decor Floor is strong because of the same interest for challenges and the investment in a young team. In our companies, the average age is below 30. We like to implement new strategies, to work with passion for fulfilling our dreams and we are motivated to stay beside our partners at every step.

We are glad to announce that, through our partnership with Decor Floor, our market expansion in Romania has reached a new development stage. Together we are stronger!