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While many of us are breathing a sigh of relief that 2020 is nearly behind us all, there are still a couple of things to look forward to before this extraordinary year is over. And one of those is, of course, Christmas! No doubt things will be a little extraordinary this time аroud, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your loved ones fabulous gifts.

This year has been tough on many people in many ways. So, a different Christmas calls for different gifts! Not to get too scientific on you, but the Journey of Positive Psychology (and many other studies) have shown that being creative helps with a number of cognitive needs. In other words, by engaging your mind with creative tasks, you can increase positive emotions, lessen depressive feelings, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and even improve your immune system as a result.

So, as well as giving the gift of creativity this Christmas, you just might be giving the gift of better health as well. But what can you buy? We’ve used Amazon for our recommendations, but all of of these gifts are common, so you should have no problem finding them wherever you are.

1. 3D puzzles

Puzzles aren’t just about using logic. In fact, if you’re able to apply creativity to your approach, you might just find the solution faster. And then we have 3D puzzles, which are definitely more challenging and need you to think a little differently. From recreating world monuments through to miniature cities, they are a great way to flex your mental muscles.

Why not try: This amazing 3D skyline of New York!

2. Colouring books (for adults too!)

Colouring in intricate patterns and pictures is a whole lot of fun and very relaxing too. Coupled with a packet of rainbow pencils, this is an entertaining and unexpected gift that anyone would love to receive. Who said wolves have to be grey or brown?!

Why not try: This beautiful and complex animal illustration book

3. Origami sets

This delicate paper-folding activity from Japan can be challenging to master, but there are plenty of kits for beginners too. With vibrant coloured paper and detailed instructions, this is an alternative and beautiful creative activity.

Why not try: This beautiful set for beginners with everything you need

4. All-in-one painting kits

You don’t need to be Van Gogh to enjoy painting. These days, you can get mini-canvases, paints and instruction books in affordable sets, leaving you to mix, paint and create in a relaxing and artistic way.

Why not try: This affordable canvas, easel and paint kit

5. Writing prompts

Try your hand at writing poetry, short stories or anything else that catches your fancy. If you don’t know where to start, these books give you plenty of inspiration and tasks to try. You don’t ever need to show anyone what you’ve written, but you just might surprise yourself…

Why not try: This amazing collection of writing prompts


6. Creative cooking books

Cooking is a form of creation – and what better time to make tasty food than at Christmas! Even if your recipient isn’t handy in the kitchen, they can still have a bunch of fun with friends and family by trying out some of these quirky ideas..

Why not try: These weird and tasty recipe ideas


7. Ukulele

Inexpensive, jaunty and easy to pick up (in all senses of the word), you can gift someone with the chance to make their own music! These tiny guitars are fairly easy to learn with YouTube guides and will bring a lot of joy to anyone at the receiving end.

Why not try: This mini rockstar Uke

8. ESCREO whiteboard paint

Last but certainly not least on our list is ESCRO – writeable paint that can be applied to any wall or surface with minimum fuss and mess. Let’s look at it a little more closely:

Walls are made for more

While all of the above gifts are guaranteed to get the creative juices going, ESCREO has it all. Whether it’s on a table, furniture or the walls themselves, anyone with ESCREO writeable paint has a canvas that’s as big – or small – that they want it to be. Here are just a few things the lucky recipient can do!

Doodle, draw and scribble

We don’t all have to be productive all the time: and we think your kids are going to agree. Imagine a creative space in your house that anyone can attack with coloured markers to write messages, draw funny pictures or even scribble abstract lines. You can easily wipe away what you want, leaving a fresh space for the next round of expression.

Plan and organise

Even though it’s Christmas, to-do lists are still going to be handy, even if they are fun ones! You can plan out family events, games, draw polls on which movie to watch next, or vote on dinner options: there are no limits!

PaySafe whiteboard paint

Decorate in style

ESCREO isn’t just for scribbling and fun – if you want to take a decorative approach, go ahead! Armed with marker pens, you can recreate your favourite art classics (as best you can) or create your very own.

Play games

Christmas is all about being together, so why not play some fun games right there on the wall. By standing up and using marker pens, everyone involved will be more engaged as they have a new way to interact with what’s being played. Think about Pictionary, hangman, spelling games, guessing what people are drawing, or good old-fashioned tic tac toe.

Make their Christmas merrier!

We’re sure that your friends and family will love receiving ESCREO whiteboard paint or our new magnetic whiteboard paint. As well as helping them deal with lockdown blues, it’ll give them a new project to pursue!

And, just on another note. We know this year has been hard and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas wherever you are. Just remember to stay safe, stay warm, and above all else, stay creative! It’ll be great for your mind and will help begin the new year in the best possible way.

See you in 2021!