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Colour trends to use in 2022 for a beautiful and functional interior

Colour trends for functional interiors in 2022

Thinking of a fresh lick of paint in your room or workplace? There’s never been a better time to update the look and feel of your environment than in the first days of the new year. But, choosing which colours to use can be difficult, as well as knowing how to go about making it all cohesive.

Every year presents different colour trends to follow which can make your choices easier (you can find here the Pantone’s picks for 2021) – but let’s take a look at the 2022 colour trends together with the best way to go about implementing them.

Colour trends for 2022

Nature inspiration

First up in the colour trends that you can expect are nature-inspired feelings and tones, which is hardly surprising after so many months of lockdown. The feeling of being outside, open and free has never been more important for us. As such, earthy tones and soothing greens are going to be popular, as well as gentle blues to remind us of oceans and bright skies.

Warm neutrals

As mentioned in our intro, warm neutrals are often in style because they are low risk, timeless, calming and adapt well to other elements of your interior design. What makes the 2022 trend different is the likelihood of more ‘warm’ neutrals being in style, as opposed to colder variants in the past.

By using warm neutrals in your environment, you’ll be able to enjoy the effect of the space being bigger, with a calming, welcome and open ambience. They are typically best used in bedrooms for peaceful rest with soft browns, cream, eggshell and subtle ivory.

Vibrant boldness

Energetic and uplifting colours will likely be popular in 2022, which stands to reason after recent global events. By using more lively palettes in your home, you’ll be able to portray a sense of joy, energy and positivity.

By using colours that range from pinks and blues through to reds and purples, your space can really stand out and keep things feeling good. Of course, bold colours are a daunting choice, but fear not, as pastel variants can be used to tastefully soften the effect.

Colour Trends

How to use them

Knowing which colours to use is half the battle – how you employ them will affect their overall success in context with the space. Here are some top tips to help you get everything spot on.

Sightlines matter

If you’re going for more variety in your overall colour-scape, sightlines play a big part in keeping things cohesive. For instance, when you’re standing in the lounge, which room can you see? If you’re looking into a kitchen, hallway or even a bedroom, you’ll need to make sure the colours in there complement the ones in the room you’re currently in. This way you can avoid clashes and a feeling of chaos instead of control.

Connecting spaces

Areas such as common rooms, hallways, corridors and entry points should all have consistency in their colour. This is especially important if your home is more open plan, as you need a ‘main’ colour to indicate which parts of the home are dominant. In these cases, warm neutrals are the best, but as long as all connecting rooms and spaces are the same colour, you’re doing it right.

Don’t forget your ceilings

Most people tend to leave their ceilings a neutral or white colour – which can sometimes stick out instead of blending in. It may be an extra effort, but including your ceiling in your painting plans will enforce cohesiveness. A good rule of thumb is to go a few shades lighter than your walls to achieve the correct balance.

Leave bold colours for enclosed rooms

If you have any rooms that are out of the sightlines of other spaces, then this is your chance to indulge the daring side of your decoration. Bedrooms, closets, kids’ rooms and other enclosed spaces can have their own look and feel, just as long as they aren’t affected by sightlines.

Accessories matter

Accessories are a great way to introduce bold colours into rooms without having to take the risk of painting – and they are easy to move or swap out if needed. They are also useful to reduce the initial visual shock that some may have when walking into a strongly-painted room. The key is to find the right balance with rugs, couches, beds, shelves and walls, which can be a creative but challenging exercise.

Use accents to tie things together

Once again, cohesiveness is the name of the game, and accent colours are the tool to achieve it. While colours can vary from room to room, using one consistent one throughout the home or office can enforce that feeling of continuity. For instance, if you have cream or blue in your living room, you’ll need to use one of those two in the next adjacent space, tying them together.

Keeping it all functional

The colours you choose will do visual wonders for your home – but decoration can be practical as well! With ESCREO’s clear writable paint, you can create a transparent layer on any surface which allows you to draw, write, make lists and just about anything else that catches your imagination.

Perfect for homes with children, home offices and workplaces, you’d be amazed and just how much a writable wall can encourage creativity and productivity. For example, take a look at our articles on 3 ways to use clear whiteboard paint at home, seven design ideas for your colourful writable walls and unexpected and Creative Uses for ESCREO’s Whiteboard Paint.

So, there you have it. Let your 2022 be the most colourful year ever!