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Or how not to lose any ideas while learning

Escreo has opened up it’s heart and colours to yet another creative space that chose it instead of the traditional Whiteboard. This time it’s the Qualians Learning Center. Qualians will make the best use of the learning experience over the 8 hours you get to spend with their team. They will also offer you a fun way of boosting your desire to make things happen in an exciting manner.

‘Learning takes place anytime and anywhere, as long as it happens consciously.’

Escreo and Qualians for a more creative environment
Learning Center Qualians chose Escreo for a more creative office space

Oh, but don’t even begin to imagine some typical classroom you remember from school. Qualians takes its mission to a whole new level…and space. They believe a good idea should never go to waste. And this is where Escreo yells out loud – ‘Yes, you can write on the walls…or the tables.’ All a person has to do is pick up a marker and lay down any ideas that come up to mind.

If you still have a problem painting the picture in your head here’s what a typical day at the centre looks like. Every break starts with a good coffee from Nespresso and a thorough discussion on the topics addressed in the course. Energy is the main goal during your stay there. Not only coming form the coffee, but also from the collaborative atmosphere where colourful walls, customized tables, shelves packed with diverse literature and swings – well, it’s quite ordinary. All in the name of curiosity and inspiration. Challenging your colleagues and organizing a short tournament with Lego during a coffee break? Qualians says ‘Yes, please!’.

Qualians having fun with Escreo
Qualians Team has fun with Escreo

Creativity, efficacy, curiosity – sounds familiar? These are some of the keywords that help turn a genius idea into reality. Escreo becomes part of any space and invisibly turns itself into the perfect layout of your thoughts, and a colourful one as well.