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The world of dry erase paints has come leaps and bounds over the last few years. More and more variations have hit the market, giving people even more options when it comes to how they write and create on their walls. We have a range of such products on offer ourselves but understand that it might not be immediately apparent which type of dry erase writable paint is best for you. Well, worry not for we have put together this short guide that covers our entire range so that you can see which is the ESCREO paint for you.

What is dry erase paint?

Before we get into it, let’s just get the main question out the way if you’re completely new to dry erase paint. Put simply, dry erase paint (or writable whiteboard paint) works just like a whiteboard or a canvas but can be applied to walls and surfaces of homes, offices, schools or just about anywhere else. When you have dry erase paint, you can draw and write using standard whiteboard pens on your walls, which can then be erased and used again.

The different types of dry erase paint to try

Now that you know a little more about what whiteboard paint is and where it can be used, let’s take a closer look at the choices you have!

White dry erase paint

A classic whiteboard paint that is simple and effective for people who like a more traditional aesthetic or want their whiteboard wall to fit in with the rest of their house or business. Perfect for offices, conference rooms, gyms, kitchens, coffee shops and other business premises. By selecting our classic dry erase paints, your writable wall will have a bright and completely clean appearance, allowing whatever you want to write or draw on it to stand out against the white backdrop.

Clear dry erase paint

Perfect for homes and offices with coloured walls, ESCREO’s clear dry erase paint allows you to write on it while keeping the original look underneath. This is ideal for folks who want to create with marker pens on their walls without clashing with other colours. It’s just as easy to write on as the white version, but more discreet when not in use.

Magnetic dry erase paint

Magnetic dry erase paint does everything that our classic whiteboard paint does, with the added function of a magnetic surface. As well as being able to draw, plan and doodle, you can pin up notices, pictures, photos, notes and magnets to go with them. This kind of paint is great for many different functions in the workplace, home office or household.

Perfect for work and play

Escreo mind maps

At home – Whether it’s a weekly menu in the kitchen, games in the living room or doodles in a kid’s bedroom, you can turn each and every room into a creative and fun space.

Offices and workspace – Plan meetings, make schedules, carry out brainstorms and leave messages to coworkers in a fun and unique way.

Classrooms and study halls – With dry erase paint, you can create as many erasable study surfaces as you want, helping to make lessons and learning more fun and engaging.

Get your brushes ready

So there you have it: a brief rundown of what ESCREO has to offer. We also have a whole bunch of awesome accessories to go along with your dry erase paint choice, including installation kits, pens, cleaning cloths and sprays, and much more. For us, creativity and productivity are the name of the game, and by choosing the best dry-erase paint for your needs, you can transform any interior space into something unique, fun and professional. To find out more about how it all works, check out our FAQ, but if it’s inspiration you’re looking for, visit our blog. There you’ll find a range of topics and ideas such as wall painting ideas at home, improving employee wellbeing, uses for magnetic dry erase paint, guides to assist you in picking the best whiteboard paint for you, and much more. Happy painting!