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Author: Yasen Rusev


I get up at 7 a.m. in the morning and jump right in the shower. After that me and Didi (my wife) prepare our daughter Emmy for her nursery. Then I go through a 15-minute intense workout, complimented by an energizing smoothie. Finally, I write down my top three daily priorities on the wall by the mirror, go over them a few times and then leave.

I leave Emmy at the nursery and arrive at the office by 9 am. I make my coffee, read the news, tune in for the day … at least in the perfect case scenario. Usually all the work catches up to me with the first sip of coffee – the phone rings, the e-mails come one after another other. I also organize meetings with my team – daily with the DiVas (the nickname we gave our wonderful sales colleagues) and, when the need occurs, with the others as well.

Every Monday we write down and comment on our short and long-term goals on the walls. This way we easily update our targets and the current tasks that will lead us to the next level.


Choosing the right target sets the pace
Choosing the right target is of uttermost importance


My workday consists of meetings with Escreo’s partners (architects, designers, facility managers), investors or key clients (when negotiating on bigger deals).

I travel quite often. In Bulgaria – mainly to Rousse, my home town and the place where the Escreo magic happens. The fact that we are involved in the development of the business there delights me. Another favorite place of mine is Bucharest and our colourful office at Tech Hub Bucharest Technology Center. Usually my days there are filled to the brim with key partnership negotiations – the top office fit out companies and customers that generate 80% of our local turnover.

Me and my team often participate in exhibitions, both local and international. Presentations, negotiations, deal closing, writing on the walls. That’s what I love doing.

I go home every night at 19 p.m. Or at least I try to. Emmy welcomes me with a smile. All problems fleet away. I’ve completed all tasks on the wall… at least in the perfect case scenario.


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