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While some people are experiencing the home alone version of the COVID-19 lockdown, others are full-house, juggling between parenting, full-time remote working and housekeeping. The world is on an alert, and for obvious economic reasons, the prime focus of all the how-to tips out there revolve around saving businesses, transitioning to online models and productivity tips.

But what about the children? What about those parents who need to juggle between different responsibilities, within limited spaces? Well, fear not, for here are some tips on how to make the most of these unique times with some lockdown activities for children.

Time for structure

This lockdown has a positive side to it, too. In times, when parenting is often delegated to other figures and institutions, these circumstances allow us to stay home and to rebuild family.

So how do parents make the most out of this situation with no sacrifices?

The quick answer is – with a brilliant plan!

Structuring your children’s days will keep them from feeling frustrated and confused. It will also teach them a bit of time-management, which will be handy later on in their lives. Make your children understand the situation compassionately by validating their concerns and explaining to them we all have to embrace some changes in our lives – temporarily..

Time for lockdown fun activities for children

It may be tempting to give your kids a tablet and make a babysitter out of YouTube while you focus on being more productive from the home office, but too much screen time is not so healthy for kids. It can make them cranky and less co-operative. Time for fun means play time. Instead, allow them to build forts with cushions and blankets. Then teach them how to tidy up the mess. This is good both for depleting their high energy and teaching discipline.

Time for fun with kids can sometimes involve damage, like drawings on the wall. Children are creative, and walls don’t need to be a barrier for their creativity. This is how ESCREO comes to save the day!

Writing and drawing on walls is fun! Even for adults. Allow your kids to express their creativity in a forbidden way at home, while minimising the damage done to your interior. How? With just a few square meters of our magic paint.

Time to learn

With schools being closed, education is transitioning to the virtual classrooms. So, homework is still in order. Just as parents have their homework when working online, so do children.

Make use out of the ESCREO wall by providing a space where your children can write formulas and solve problems. Gain the authority of a teacher, as you help your kids with their homework by using the whiteboard surface yourself.

Read how whiteboard painted walls are changing education around the world.

Get creative with education beyond school work. There are plenty of fun educational apps out there. For instance, older children may get a kick out of researching world cultures, finding out how other people live, dress, and what they eat. They can write down their research on ESCREO and present it to the rest of the family later. 

Time to help

Teach your children responsibility by asking them to help you out. On one hand, this makes them feel useful and appreciated, on the other – it unburdens you of the load. For example, you might ask them to put together a meal plan for the week, or a cleaning rotor. Once again, ESCREO is perfect for this.

Time to rest

With everyone going crazy about being productive and doing things, quiet times are in order. No matter the age of your children, make sure you incorporate an hour of quiet time each day.

And if you hear words like “I’m bored”, don’t worry – this is perfectly normal.

It’s okay for children to be bored. In fact, it can end up being productive, as it gives them the opportunity to explore their inner and outer worlds, which is the beginning of creativity.

Other ideas for a fun time at home:

  • Let them enjoy regulated time playing video/computer games.
  • Balance that with reading books. They are fun too!
  • Allow them to play dress-up with your wardrobe. Kids love to put themselves in the role of a grown-up.
  • Dance parties are a superb way to have fun while doing physical activity. Ask your children to put together a performance for you after dinner. They can come up with a play or a dance routine. This will keep them busy with rehearsals during the day and make a great way for the entire family to share a fun evening together.
  • Create some dedicated time for watching favourite TV shows or movies. If you wish to add an educational value to that, ask your kids to write a brief summary of the show/movie.
  • Unite the family with board games. Make use of your ESCREO wall by playing hangman on it.

Make the new feel normal

Significant life changes are difficult, but they don’t need to be the end of stability. Some reflection and time at home may be a great opportunity to build new routines and create deeper bonds with your children. Coming up with new lockdown activities your children can look forward to can help you cope with the situation. For instance, why not schedule video chats with the grandparents?

Maintaining a balanced schedule of fun, education, help and rest is a winning strategy – and ESCREO is here to help by providing the space to do that, on the very walls you feel are keeping you in.

Finally, don’t forget to write down your daily wins on the wall! We know it’s not easy, but your little victories up on that wall are a great way to keep your spirits up!

Be responsible and stay safe!