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Author: Victoria Uzunova


Hello! My name is Victoria, also known as Escreo’s Silvertongue Dealmaker. A position that combines account manager, business development manager, and my personal favorite – customer relations.

My day begins at 7 a.m. with several alarms and some scratching on the door. I spend 15 minutes stretching and waking up completely. Then I go outside with a cup of tea in one hand, led by Ear, my beagle (the source of all that scratching, if you didn’t guess it already). These are some of my most precious moments in the morning, because the walk helps me organize my thoughts and set my mood for the day.

Each of my days is unique for I have the luxury of being flexible when it comes to managing my time. Usually I have my first morning coffee with a current or potential customers somewhere outside the office. While for all the other days I take the bus to work – I’m not much into traffic and grumpy people. In it I usually read and try not to think about work. Long ago I enjoyed writing down tasks in my notebook and going through them in the morning. Now I have this time for myself alone and all the tasks are waiting for me on the office walls.

Our office is pretty cozy and colorful. Everyone has some private space and a wall to share his/her ideas or keep important work notes on. The wall behind my desk is usually covered with notes left by colleagues: “Vicky – please call…”, “Vicky, can you change your appointment from 15:00 to…”, “Vicky, where is my calculator ? “, etc.

I made myself a special corner for the moments I simply need to doodle for a minute and let go of the workflow. It’s often full of drawings of mountains, oceans and airplanes. Dreamy stuff.


The mountains we're talking about
Yes, these are the mountains we’re talking about


My work is all about communication. From summaries to yesterday’s customers, with summarizing offers, issuing invoices and organizing new meetings scattered along the way. I maintain a constant relationship with our marketing department as well. With them we discuss future campaigns, strategies and approaches. Also, every once in a while I rely on creative guru for project visualizations, corrections or presentations that, after going through him, are like art. The Operations Department receives between 3 and 300 calls a day from me so I can keep track with all our ongoing projects.

During the last week of the month my meetings outside the office increase to at least 2-3 per day. That’s why proper organization of all tasks is top priority. In order not to forget something important while running between the office and the next meeting (and while work keeps piling up) I have several important tools I’d be totally lost without.

At my desk, just left of the laptop, I wrote down all the calls I need to make during the day. And whatever’s left from yesterday. On the right I usually leave some space for a few tasks. On the wall behind me – somewhere above the mountains and the oceans – are the monthly tasks: calling old clients, Client Resources Report, Online Orders Report, Taxi Vouchers Report, Bundle Campaign Report … I enclose those that need to be dealt with soon. On the right I keep a record of all my daily meetings. Yes, I use Google Calendar as well, but it’s always nice to put a positive tick next to a job well done.

My workday usually ends with a brief meeting with my partner, Didi, with whom we share both successes and popcorn (my personal slang for “problems” – tiny, sometimes salty things that often melt away pretty fast).

I like what’s behind me, next to me and on my business card. I believe that Escreo deserves to be so useful and to hold a meaning to all who need a little bit of color in their structured chaos of different tasks.


Escreo contributes to your work on all organizational levels. See how writing on the walls can change the daily routine of an CEO.