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Guest author: Daniel Troev – psychologist, creativity coach

In creativity sessions, besides various techniques to unlock creativity and to stimulate creative thinking at work we, psychologists also look at the lifestyle of the creative personalities. So that we could understand what we can add to our daily lives and develop ourselves to reinforce the manifestation of our creative potential.

1. They know that life itself is the greatest art

They feel with all their hearts that making living in art is a higher purpose. They perceive themselves as the creators of their reality. Таке responsibility for everything in it because they know that they create this world through their dreams, determination and inspiration.

2. Accept life in its entirety

They do not perceive events as good or bad, positive or negative. For them, every situation is an experience that can enrich them. Every stage of life is an opportunity to reach new horizons that are the foundation for new ideas and creative achievements.

3. Have an attitude to discover the unusual in everyday things

A walk can be a fabulous journey filled with a variety of shapes and colors. Any random event can become a door through which inspiration can enter into their life. They have set their minds to the frequency of beauty and love.

4. Accept destruction as part of the creative process

They realize the harmony of life – to receive, you must give; to create, you must destroy. They know that sometimes they need to remove one thing in order to be able to create something else in their place.

5. They give themselves to a cause greater than themselves

Creative personalities are visionaries. They direct their creative energy towards a chosen ideal. In this act lies their great power, because in their interaction with its vastness, their personality excels – it goes beyond its limits.

6. Focus on the process, not on the outcome

And they know that in this process there will be moments of both stagnation and a rapid breakthrough. They are loaded with patience because they are in no hurry nowhere. They must be “here and now” so that they can consciously create. And only the creative process is eternal, not the creation itself.

7. Feel intensely

When they suffer – they suffer hard, when they are happy – they enjoy life to the fullets. They do not spend time thinking about the past or the distant future they just sunk info the feeling. Allowing themselves to feel with each cell of their body. This harmonizes the body and consciousness, which makes it possible to hear the voice of intuition.

8. Experiment with you and the world

They examine all possibilities. They challenge the status quo in thoughts, habits and relationships. They are not afraid to dream, and they constantly explore unknown territories of the mind. To achieve something new, we must first do something, that we have never done.