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To quote one of our co-founders: “The easiest way to solve problems is working with people.” Good communication and insightful understanding are the key to effective and complete workflow in the office. But the path to them is often strewn with obstacles. So we decided to present to you the 7 things that you shouldn’t forget when organizing your next team building.


1. Organize


One of the main lessons we learn in the office is that proper preparation results in 60% of the overall work. Fixing the date and place for your next team building is only the first step. Try to clarify in advance the exact time of departure. It is important to be strict and loyal to all your colleagues. Nobody wants to start his trip on the edge of his nerves just because someone failed to appear on time. Which brings us to…


2. Travel together


Rallying the team begins on the road. Even if each of you has his own car, traveling in company has an irreplaceable charm. Let one of you provide snacks for everyone. Another should be put in charge of the music. Let each of you tell a funny or interesting story. We promise you that the mileage will come and go in a blink. Did we mention it’s also cheaper?


Where will the road lead
Where will the road lead us to?



3. Don’t force the corporate stuff


Among the main goals of any team building is to be as productive for all participants as possible. But it would be a huge mistake to make it feel just like any other day at the office. Try to improve relations and communication between colleagues in a natural, unconstrained way. Allow anyone to put himself on someone else’s shoes. Organize a game in which everyone exchange their roles. But don’t plan it to the smallest detail as if you perform a task. And when you talk about work, do not turn it into another briefing. Let that stay in the office.


4. Play time


But let’s not forget the fun, right? Games are a great way to get to know your colleagues and see how they work in teams and solve problems. First thing that comes to mind are the board games that gained immense popularity in recent years . Their convenience lies in the fact that they provide many diverse subjects to dive into and a wide range of choices depending on how many participants are there – regardless of whether there is 4 or 40 people. If you you want to stir into a bit of action, you’re only being limited by your imagination. Throw a karaoke battle. Or organize a treasure hunt. Game elements in each activity communicate on a primary level with our desire to prove ourselves and win. Maybe some of you will turnout to be a leader in disguise?


It's always fun to play a game
Going solo or in teams – it’s always fun to play a game



5. Leave the comfort zone


The only way to overcome fear is to adopt it. Let the whole team help one of its members (and why not more?) to overcome his embarrassment or worries. If you’re afraid of heights, try bungee jumping. If you are afraid of water, go on a sail with a boat. Getting out of the comfort zone not only opens the way to new opportunities and prospects but also breaks the monotony of office life. No team can climb the next step if that step is not taken individually by each of its member.


6. Not an expense but an investment


Organizing a team building does not have to be an expensive procedure, but costs are taken into account. And after not turning into a direct profit, many companies refuse it. And that’s their mistake. Looking ahead, it should always be taken into account that each cohesive team work is not an expense but an investment. If you get your subordinates to understand and work better with each other, the vast majority of organizational and administrative problems that have recently existed in the office will begin to disappear one by one. Moreover, a team building is a convenient way for anyone to understand their place in the corporate environment. If it turns out that you have found yourself among people you don’t want to join for a beer in the mountains – that’s probably the reason you’re not comfortable to work with/among them five days a week.


The importance of the team
The team above all



7. A smile


The last but most important thing you need to “pack” in your luggage. Because what’s the point in spending time with colleagues if you do not enjoy it properly? The smile is often more sincere than a promise and pulls people together tighter than a handshake. Leave office tension among the folders and reports. They are transient. The memories you will create together are not.


When you return back to the office, don’t hesitate to put what you have learned to use in improving the overall productivity.