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We’ve all mastered a bunch of tricks and secrets to cut down on home bills. It’s another thing when it comes to the office where you simply can’t turn off the water as you brush your teeth next to your co-workers.

Cutting down unnecessary costs is a tame job, especially for smaller businesses. The team’s focus usually lies in optimizing workflows, instead in optimizing the resources needed for them. In the following lines, we will offer you 6 efficient and easy-to-use ways to reduce your office costs (and the problems that come with them).

All you need is perseverance. And maybe a bit of patience.


Check the sockets
Always check the sockets


1. Turn off unused devices


We understand that the office refrigerator should be turned on constantly, but does the same thing apply to the printer? And for computers? Modern businesses rely on a huge number of electronic devices and an even larger number of contiguous peripherals. No matter how long the work day is, it is rare for all machines to be used simultaneously and continuously. But as long as they stay on the net, the monthly bill for electricity swells. Especially in summer and winter, when we add to it the hard working air conditioners.

While not in use, electrical appliances continue to draw power while being plugged into the system. In some cases, it accounts for more than 10% of their total consumption. Try to turn off the computer and other machines from the outlet when you are not using them. It’s boring, but it’ll save you a lot of money.


Let's see who steals them pens
Let’s see who puts pens in his pocket by mistake


2. Appoint a person responsible for office supplies


The goal is not to figure out who steals clippings after business hours. Lost pens, markers, and sticky notes cost a few cents, but when the penny stacks, the total amount may surprise you. The same effect is achieved when you order too many consumables and half of them complete their life cycle at the bottom of a drawer.

Appoint a responsible person to order and distribute all necessary office supplies. Let him decide which ones are really needed and which could be replaced in electronic form. In the meantime, it will save your business money, which you could invest a lot smarter.


And then there was light
Let there be light


3. Put LEDs or fluorescent bulbs


Nowadays everyone strives to live more green. Why shy away from the trends? At first we mentioned how important it is to regulate energy costs – something that LEDs and fluorescent bulbs do for you. With them you can save up to 3/4 of your annual electricity cost. They also have up to 10 times longer lives.

But even they will not be as effective if they are included more than necessary. Always turn off the lights in the rooms that are not in use. It may sound stupid, but you’ll be surprised at how often we forget just such simple things.


If not for the bills, do it for the eyes
If not for your bills, at least do it for your eyes


4. Rely more on natural light


Even the most energy-saving, eye-catching bulbs can not replace natural sunlight. Regular receipt is beneficial not only to the body but also to your expense. Choose an office that has enough and properly positioned windows. Keep the lights on night shifts and early winter evenings.


Double-checking is crucial
Double-checking is the enemy of all mistakes


5. Double-check all print materials


The author of this article admits (with a certain amount of shame) that he has repeatedly made mistakes in prepressing a number of materials. None of them was fatal (or easily detectable), but would have been avoided with a more careful check. And what happens if you mess up just one letter on a batch of business cards? The financial loss will not be enormous, but will bring with you a second print. Which is just money in the wind.

Ask a colleague to take a look at the new catalog before sending it to the printer. Recheck Print Brochures again. Better to look at your work again than to pay again for the same thing.


There's no paper this big
You won’t find paper this big, will you?


6. Use Escreo instead of a whiteboard or paper


Letting the flying leaves and the limiting whiteboards in the past. The Escreo writing surface is a one-time investment tailored to your needs and capabilities, which will prove its worth at the next team meeting. You no longer need separate sheets for each schedule, plan, or idea. Everything goes to the wall.

In addition, the average shelf life of the standard whiteboard is one year, after the third one is already soiled to a degree requiring its replacement. While with proper Escreo maintenance the surfaces enjoy a long and productive life with a 3-year warranty.


We gave several examples of greener solutions for your office problems. Here are some other ways you can preserve nature with minimal effort.