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In case it takes you an hour or more to go to work (like the most of us), perhaps you’ve wondered how to spend your time in the car or public transport better. The headphones are a classic solution. But if you take a look, you will notice that more and more people prefer reaching the office with a book in hand. Even audio books’ popularity is growing rapidly.

Sounds good? Wonderful. Because there is a way to combine business with pleasure. Therefore, our team decided to present to you five books that will help you perform better at work and in your personal life. The selected titles are among our personal favorites and had such an impact on us that we just couldn’t help but share them with you.


Book cover for Chris Hadfield
Photo: MarkDunkley.com


‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’, Chris Hadfiеld


The story of a 9-year old boy who wants to fly among the stars. For the efforts, sacrifices and luck necessary to bring such a dream to life. At first you might say that this is just another story that asks of you to simply believe in yourself and the almighty Universe. But this is only if you scratch the surface. As we dive deeper, we find a man who was never 100% sure that he’ll actually fly. Hadfield tells of astronauts that spend their life in preparation and hard training, but in the end fall victim to circumstances beyond their control and don’t go into space. So we learn that being an astronaut has nothing to do with Hollywood movies and their beautiful scenery.

According to Chris, there are 3 types of people: -1 (one that always creates problems), 0 (neutral, no influence on events) and + 1 (one that has added value). Although everyone wants to be a +1, to proclaim yourself for such is a guarantee that you will be perceived as -1 regardless of the skills you possess or the results you show. Chris strives to always be 0, because for him this is where the real positive charge lies. Working in a team in order to help others succeed – that’s what a a real + 1 would do. To strive to always be 0 it is an achievement suitable for +1.

The main lesson is don’t forget the little things and enjoy what you do. Did we mention that it’s an autobiography?


Book cover for Richard Branson
Photo: Virgin


“Screw it! Let’s do it! “, Sir Richard Branson


A book whose main points are: “Have fun in what you do and the money will come! Be persevering! Love and accept the challenge! ” Have you ever wondered how you can purchase an island for 150,000 dollars? Or how you can acquire the first customers of your own airline before it’s even launched? Brandson teaches us how quiet persistence and waiting for the right moment set the basic tracks every successful entrepreneur should run on. The book is enthralling and presents unconventional approach to life with one simple message –  fun should be the essence of the way you do business. If you like it, make sure not to miss “Losing My Virginity”.


The Willpower Instinct cover
Photo: Sober Londoner


“The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It”, Dr. Kelly McGonigal


We believe that in order to be successful in work, first you need to be successful in life. Success is defined differently, but we think it is a question of balance. Being devoted to your family, friends, health, finances and so on. Investing in different walks of life with equal persistence, effort and aspiration. This book gives a good explanation of the various issues related to balance and how to have the will to achieve it. It’s described in an interesting manner and gives very practical advices. The author is a world-renowned psychologist who in recent years devoted herself to the study of stress. You may remember her from TEDGlobal 2013 where she spoke about the importance of an individual’s subjective belief in themselves as someone who is able to cope successfully as being a crucial factor in their future development.


Zero to One book cover
Photo: The Art of Ass-Kicking


“Zero to One,” Peter Thiel


A kind of textbook on how to build and how not to build a startup. Teel uses specific examples from his experience as an investor and entrepreneur to follow step by step the history of successful and not so successful businesses in their early years. ‘Zero to One’ will teach you the importance of secrecy in creating a new product, the need for selecting the right followers and the need of positioning yourself on the right market.

We recommend you to turn your attention to the optimistic and pessimistic approach to the future, described and neatly displayed in graphics. Detailed yet easily digestible reading suitable for beginners and for established businessmen alike.


Larry Winget book cover
Photo: One More Cup of Coffee


“People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It”, Larry Winget


It’s always easy to let go of responsibility and blame someone else for your failures. If this sounds painfully familiar, then we have no books to offer you. Otherwise, we recommend the latest revelation of Winget where the truth is presented in all its ugliness.

‘People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It’ is surprisingly positive work that helps you understand when and how you act stupid. Larry’s advises play the role of a nice kick in the buttocks which will make you give up your tiresome excuses and stop wasting time. So you can become the person you want to be.

A book whose message is: “Do what you said you would do when you said you would do it in the way you said you would do.”


When you finally arrive at the office, practice what you have learned along the way. And don’t forget to share it with your colleagues!