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Escreo is a product for spaces and places filled with ideas and creativity. And, for many of us, our homes are those places where we have the freedom to be ourselves. All in all, you never know where the great idea will find you! That’s why we’ve summed up 3 main benefits of having Escreo whiteboard paint at your home.

1. Be Yourself

Creative home office with ESCREO

Escreo wall takes home personalization to a next level. With a whiteboard paint on your wall you have a clear canvas to express YOU. Make an important reminder. Write a recipe for a healthy (and tasty!) dessert. List your grocery shopping or just draw something inspiring that will make your day. We believe that you don’t have to be an artist to create millions of masterpieces. You just have to choose YOUR way, the right way, to express yourself: words, shapes, sketches, and what not. The choice is yours.

2. Learn Effectively

Escreo whiteboard in the kitchen

Let’s face it: writing on the walls is fun. In addition to that it’s actually useful. Escreo paint brings you an enormous opportunity to change the way you learn. Getting better in maths, foreign languages, chemistry and other matters is easier when you can write whenever you want. The Escreo surface gives you the freedom to write and erase everything in one motion and, as we like to say, to have a room for mistakes. Also, with the transparent Escreo surface, you can even keep the original color of your wall.

3. Create Boldly

Having an Escreo wall is having endless opportunities. In addition to helping companies in arts, design,  programming, and logistics, we also love working with all kinds of artists. Graffiti at home – yes. Presentation draft –sure. Pictures, symphonies, sketches and everything inspirational will find its right place with Escreo. Our magnetic Escreo surface makes it possible to stick notes and documents to a wall. Move things, connect them in a story, add more and enjoy the fact that there are no limitations.

After all, no matter how you use the Escreo surfaces, we guarantee it will change your way of thinking. The only thing you need is a colourful marker and a little courage to take the first step!