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You have been reading about ESCREO whiteboard paint’s amazing benefits, and now that you are stuck home, you wish you had one. But what if your home has these beautifully coloured walls and you don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of your décor, by adding a patch of white paint?

ESCREO’s Clear Whiteboard Paint keeps the original colour of the chosen surface by transforming it into a writing canvas. Plus, there’s much more to using whiteboard paint than covering walls. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and items.

Think outside the box. Think outside the wall. Desks, doors, coffee mugs, and glass areas are just a fraction of the many applications we’ve witnessed.


The most obvious benefit of the transparent writable paints is that it provides a clear, smooth surface for writing, while preserving the original colour. It is also incredibly easy to apply, use, and clean.

Benefits of ESCREO Clear Whiteboard Paint

  • Transparent: Keeps the original colour of the wall or object.
  • Easy application: Comes with a full application kit and instructions.
  • Quick drying times: Apply in a couple of hours and use within 2 days.
  • Eco-friendly: Toxic-free, water-based formula with low VOC.
  • Durable: Lasts more than you can hope for.


The clear whiteboard paint has a bunch of amazing qualities that make it an ideal choice for domestic interiors. Here are a few creative ideas on how you can adapt it to your place.

Enjoy the original aesthetics of your interior by creating new purpose of already existing surfaces.


The modern home is multifunctional. And the modern families are much like their homes – productive, often busy but always trying to make the most out of it all. Mothers are trying to be super working moms, juggling between worksheets and their children’s homework; between groceries, lists and work-related tasks.

ESCREO Clear can be the super mom’s hero for making the most out of the multifunctional home. It can provide the most adequate place for writing the groceries’ list or a recipe on the wall by the stove and fridge. In fact, on any flat surface there is in the kitchen, without having to sacrifice its design.

Use ESCREO to plan meals.

Paint your fridge and leave notes between those magnets.

Use the paint for the wall and desk in your study as a natural extension of your office. Make the most out of it by writing daily tasks and reminders.


Imagination is vital for children. Make them feel like explorers, while helping them out with their geography class. Use ESCREO clear to paint their wall and floor so they can draw maps of the world with hidden continents under the carpet.

Show your kids the fun part of solving problems by providing an interactive environment. You could save the surface of your child’s desk from wearing, by applying a thin layer of clear paint. This is how thinking outside the box translates into writing outside the notebook.

And since life is not only about lessons, play is also in order. Let your children express their artistic side by drawing and writing on any surface painted with ESCREO Clear without worrying about the cleaning afterwards. Graffiti on the wardrobe has never been so cool.

Kids room with magnetic paint


Use the transparent paint for family team building games. Play hangman on the door, or on the wall. Plan your family agenda and trips on ESCREO surface and let them remind you of what you are looking forward to.

Remember the movies-inspired lipstick messages left on bathroom mirrors. It could be tricky to remove the stains afterwards. Plus, why ruin your sexy red lipstick when you can use an easy to clean marker on any flat surface. And if you still wish to use that bathroom to leave a love note to your dear one, you might as well use ESCREO Clear. Leave a message anywhere you like because it is the small gestures that turn into the building blocks of relationships.

Use ESCREO to keep the entire family motivated by creating visible checklists of daily habits. Accountability is a brilliant companion for accomplishing them.

The transparent whiteboard paint is a magnificent addition to the interior of homes, where any surface can be transformed into a convenient area for writing. It allows you to keep the originality of your décor by adding fun in functionality.

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