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The magic team behind the magic paint Escreo

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The Mission

Express. Exchange. Change.

Today we are more flexible than ever. We are free to question the old ways of how we think and do things, to make room for innovation and discover new pathways and solutions.

So we made

Our mission is to enable people to express themselves, to collaborate and exchange ideas more effectively in a natural, hassle-free way.

Much more than a paint

Escreo is a tool that redefines the way we work, by transforming passive environment into interactive, idea-friendly space. It offers the endless possibilities of a blank page along with the freedom to be brave and push beyond the limits. And then, erase everything and start from scratch again. Why not?

The Team

Yasen Rusev Co-founder & CEO Phone+359 888 220 630
Elena Nikolova Co-founder & CMO Phone+359 883 337 390
Iskren Mitev Co-founder & COO Phone+359 887 341 813
Manol Novakov Co-founder & CTO Phone+359 898 681 481
Diana Teofilova ​Collaboration Chief Phone+359 888 830 068
Manuela Popova Digital Alchemist Phone+359 889 940 448
Dora Naydenova Junior Trade Hero Phone+359 887 932 471

Say hi!

We are always on the lookout for new partners. If you are interested to collaborate with us, whether through joint projects or sharing of knowledge and thoughts:

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